What To Know When Buying Wire Decking

Jun 15, 2023
Wire Decking

Secure your warehouse efficiently: Raymond West's guide helps choose the right pallet rack wire decking for safety and optimal storage.

Ensure Safety and Efficiency in Your Warehouse with Pallet Rack Wire Decking

As a responsible warehouse owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a safe working environment for your employees while also protecting your valuable products and equipment. That's where pallet rack wire decking comes into play. By incorporating wire decking into your pallet racking system, you can prevent costly damage and potential accidents. This buyer's guide from Raymond West, a leading material handling equipment provider, will help you make an informed decision when selecting wire decking for your warehouse.

Wire Deck Basics

Pallet racking systems may seem straightforward, but it's important to understand the significance of each component to optimize your storage capabilities. While upright frames and beams define your structural capacity, decking plays a critical role in the overall system.

Wire decking, typically built from durable galvanized steel, is a versatile and robust option suitable for most storage environments. These wire mesh panels are relatively lightweight, and provide full surface coverage to place pallets on while allowing air flow and visibility to products.

Wire Decking Categories

To find the right wire decking for your racking system, it's important to familiarize yourself with the available options. Here are the most common types of wire decking:

  • Flush Flat: As the name suggests, this decking style sits flush with the top of the rack beams, providing a seamless surface.
  • Waterfall Style: This decking style features wire mesh that cascades over the edge of the pallet rack beams.
  • Inverted Flange: Designed to work with step/box style beams, this wire decking style is widely used and reliable.

These are just a few examples, and there are other specialty designs available. If you require assistance in selecting the right wire decking for your specific racking system, don't hesitate to contact our team of racking experts at Raymond West.

Exploring Wire Decking Alternatives

Although wire decking is a popular choice for pallet racking systems, you may want to consider other alternatives. Here are a couple of options:

Pallet Supports: These supports help maintain the structural integrity of your racking system and are a suitable alternative to wire decking. Although they are generally cheaper than wire decking, they are slightly more labor intensive to install.

They’re also a bit harder to work with on a daily basis, as pallets need to be more carefully positioned to line up with the supports. This is not a concern with wire deck systems, since they provide full surface coverage.

Wood Decking: If budget is a concern, wood decking is a cheaper alternative. However, it is less durable than wire decking and pallet rack supports, and it can cause contamination issues.

Many jurisdictions also don’t allow the use of wood decking because it is inherently flammable and creates a significant fire hazard in high pile storage configurations. Furthermore, it makes fire extinguishing more difficult because the panels don’t allow water or fire abatement chemicals to flow through like wire decks of pallet supports.

Another drawback to wood decking is the time and effort it takes to install. Each panel must be cut to fit, and wood decking can be heavy and awkward to mount.

What Do I Need To Know Before Ordering Wire Decking?

The first thing you’ll need to know is the type of pallet rack beams your system uses. You may have step beams, box beams or structural beams. If you don’t know which type your system uses, you may want to contact a racking expert at Raymond West.

The next factor you’ll need to consider is the dimensions of your system. The most common pallet rack depth is 42”, but there are several other standard sizes, including 36”, 44” and 48”.

You’ll also need to select wire decks that will work with your pallet rack beam sizes. A 46” deck will work with 4’, 8’ or 12’ beams. A 52” deck will work with 9’ beams, and a 58” deck will work with 10’ beams.

Of course, you’ll also need an accurate count of your racking structures and their individual dimensions so that you know how many wire decks to purchase.

Get Help From a Racking Professional

If you have questions or need assistance, contact a racking expert at Raymond West today. Our team can help you with measurements and counts to ensure you get the right wire decking for your system.