• Pink Pallet Jack 2021 Auction

    Raymond West is at it again! During the month of October we are focusing our efforts on breast cancer awareness by hosting our 8th Annual Pink Pallet Jack Auction. Over the years, we have been able to raise more than $150,000 to support charities that provide assistance to individuals and families fighting this disease. Whether you've experienced the effects of breast cancer personally, or know someone who has, you know that it is a very difficult and challenging time. The charities we work with are focused on relieving the added life stressors so that the individual can focus on treatment and recovery. We are calling on all of our customers to help us by bidding on this limited edition pink pallet jack.


  • How to Bid

    The auction will kick off on October 18th at 7am (PST) and run through Thursday, October 28th at 7am (PST) on Ebay. During this time, you will be able to bid on this one of a kind motorized pink pallet jack, which will come with a 24V battery/charger pack, a 48" load backrest, storage tote and electronic pin code pad.

    Winner will be announced the second week of November and delivery can be expected January/February 2022.

  • Breast Cancer Angels

    Breast Cancer Angels is an organization who assists women, and men, in the Orange County, Long Beach/South Bay and San Diego areas by providing immediate and temporary assistance with housing, transportation, food, utility payments and more during breast cancer treatment. They have social workers who can assist with additional resources as well as provide compassionate and emotional support.

  • HERS Breast Cancer Foundation

    HERS Breast Cancer Foundation strives to bring Hope, Empowerment, Renewal and Support in the Fremont area by providing post-surgical products and services regardless of financial status. Their Program Stores are welcoming and compassionate allowing, "a soft place to fall" for those struggling to gather the necessities needed during an already difficult time.

  • The Tina Fund

    The Tina Fund is based on the East Coast and provides grants to individuals and families who have significant medical costs and are having difficulty meeting expenses resulting from a diagnosis of breast cancer or a positive test for BRACA1/BRACA2. Grants are used to pay utility bills transportation to medical appointments, insurance deductibles and any other financial burdens that complicate coping with the illness.