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Vertical buffer modules (VBMs) are a type of material handling equipment commonly used in warehouses for storing and retrieving products and materials. These modules are designed to maximize storage space by utilizing vertical height, allowing warehouses to accommodate a greater number of items within a smaller footprint.

Vertical buffer modules consist of a series of bins that are stacked on top of each other, with each bin capable of holding a certain weight. The bins are placed and removed by a vertical mast system, which can travel in both vertical and horizontal directions through the center of the unit. The mast is operated through a computerized automation system that retrieves bins from predetermined positions inside the module.

Increase Storage Density

There are several advantages to using vertical buffer modules in a warehouse setting. First and foremost, they encourage the efficient use of space by making use of the warehouse’s height. This can be particularly useful in warehouses and distribution centers that have smaller floor plans, as it allows them to store more items in the same amount of space.

Boost Pick Speed

Vertical buffer modules also offer a more efficient retrieval process, compared to typical shelving systems where employees must manually get items from storage racks, which may be time-consuming and inefficient. On the other hand, with VBMs, materials can be obtained in no time in a “goods-to-person” process, significantly lessening the amount of time and effort needed to pick items.

Improve Safety In Your Warehouse

Moreover, VBMs can boost safety in your warehouse. Traditional shelving systems sometimes necessitate employees to use ladders or other equipment to reach items on high shelves, which can lead to accidents and additional safety risks. With VBMs, workers can retrieve items while at the floor level, minimizing the possibility of injuries and other accidents.

Learn More About Vertical Buffer Modules

Overall, VBMs can add benefit to any warehouse, providing expedited retrieval times, greater safety measures, and enhanced storage capacity. Through the use of the upward dimension, warehouses can maximize storage space, decreasing the needed floor space and maximizing available space. To learn more about the features of VBMs, please reach out to an automation expert at Raymond West today!

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