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Cantilever rack is the ideal storage equipment for storing large, elongated or odd sized goods like flooring rolls, drywall or steel. It enables you to store bulky goods in a more efficient manner and in far greater quantities.

While most products move through warehouses on conventional pallets, there are many outliers. In many situations, there are certain products that just can’t possibly fit on a standard pallet. Whether it’s gypsum board, lumber, piping, furniture or additional products that are long, bulky or oddly shaped, a few products are just difficult to find a place for.

Cantilever rack solves this problem. It allows you to stock bulky items more compactly and in greater amounts. Instead of simply stacking goods in a storage yard or on a warehouse floor, you can use vertical space.

This also allows you to inventory a broader assortment of goods, since you can simply retrieve an item off of a cantilever level in place of maintaining different stacks of specific goods.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack

Cantilever style racks are far different than typical pallet racks. Cantilever starts with a steel foundation that is fastened to a vertical steel beam. The vertical pillar has horizontal arms mounted at different levels to store products. Cantilever racks can bear a surprising amount of weight. Many cantilever systems can hold capacities of up to 20,000 pounds per level.

Single Sided Cantilever Rack vs Double Sided

The majority of cantilever solutions have options for one sided racking to be installed near walls, and double sided racking that can be configured in aisles.

An important benefit to cantilever rack is its capacity to be readily re-engineered. As your business needs change, you can easily change cantilever heights and sections.

A supplementary convenience is that the open layout of cantilever rack gives your lift trucks easy access to products that are sometimes tricky to manage. As an added benefit, an open racking structure permits improved visibility, allowing employees to track down items without any problem.

Cantilever Racks For Specific Industries

Although most industries have some long or bulky sorts of goods, there are some industries that make extensive use of cantilever:

  • Construction: wood, sheetrock, ducting and plywood are just a few construction materials that are bulky and troublesome to store.
  • Manufacturing: many manufacturing businesses use steel tube and bar stock, steel plate and other long or oversized components in their production processes.
  • Petroleum: the oil industry makes use of piping, drilling equipment and steel stock.
  • Household Goods: carpet rolls, flooring, countertops and larger pieces of furniture are all good examples of bulky, unwieldy goods that are difficult to store.

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