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Raymond West supplies Tow Tractors and other warehouse vehicles throughout the West.

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What Is A Tow Tractor?

Tow tractors, often called “tuggers” are vehicles intended to tow merchandise or raw materials within a warehouse or other industrial operation. A few special categories of tow tractors can also be utilized in baggage handling operations within airports.

Tuggers are available in a wide range of capacities and designs, and can be powered by batteries or internal combustion. These vehicles are typically configured to tow carts behind them, and come furnished with tow hitches for this purpose.

How Are Tow Tractors Used?

Tow tractors have many uses in a variety of industries. They can be a good fit for many types of operations, from light duty to heavy industrial uses.


In many warehouses, there is a need for horizontal transport of goods that don’t need stacking. By daisy chaining numerous carts behind an electric tow tractor, operators can transport goods much more efficiently than moving individual loads on pallet trucks or forklifts.

For low level order picking or product replenishment, the same approach applies. On a series of carts, many more items can be transported, saving operators time by reducing their number of trips.


Tuggers can be put to use for many applications inside a manufacturing plant, from routine parts picking to moving heavy loads like steel bar stock. Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) The sight of luggage carts being towed from the tarmac to the terminal is familiar to almost everyone that travels. These carts are transported by tow tractors that are engineered for airport applications.

Tow Tractors Available From Raymond West

Raymond West supplies warehouse tow tractors from Raymond, including the 8610 Tow Tractor, which is perfect for horizontal transport of up to 10,000 lbs, or batch picking applications within a warehouse or production facility.

Raymond also manufactures a fully automated Automated Guided Vehicle version, the 3020, which is ideal for repetitive, resource intensive duties that can be automated.

Outside of the warehouse, Raymond West supplies a wide array of LPG, gas and electric powered tow tractors from Taylor Dunn. This lineup includes low, medium and high capacity options, with towing capabilities of up to 120,000 lbs at the high end.

Tow Tractors Near Me

If you’re considering the purchase of a tow tractor, or need more information on available technologies and options, contact a material handling professional at Raymond West today.