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    Automated Fulfillment Systems

    Print & Apply Labels - Dimweigh - Packslip Insert

StreamTech Sprinter All-In-One Shipping System

  • StreamTech Sprinter™ System is the logical addition to a parcel fulfillment operation -- either as stand-alone automation or a starting point for expanded capabilities.

    The pre-engineered, all-in-one Sprinter™ automates manual tasks, combines dedicated ship stations, eliminates errors and increases throughput to help you meet your carrier cutoff times. The system dimensions, weighs, auto manifests and verifies carrier labels and sort by carrier. Sprinter™ provides an affordabable entry for operations with throughput starting at 1,000 cartons per hour and easily upgrades to higher speeds.

  • The Sprinter™ is a pre-engineered, automated all-in-one scan, weigh, dimension, print and apply shipping station that integrates with your ERP and multi-carrier platform to:

    + Reduce shipping costs by optimizing dimweight charges
    + Reduce or reallocate manual labor
    + Eliminate carrier dedicated shipping stations
    + Eliminate data entry errors
    + Increase throughput while maintaining your service level
    + Automate rate-shopping, address verification and proof of delivery (paired with multi-carrier system)

StreamTech FoldSerter™ Packslip Print, Fold, Insert

  • The FoldSerter™ is a patented, real-time automated system that inserts plain paper packslip collateral into open-box orders either before or after order picking.

    The FoldSerter™ identifies the package, prints the packslip and multi-page collateral, verifies each page and then folds and inserts the documents into the box. This practical solution slashes time off the packing process, prevents fulfillment bottlenecks and ensures your orders get out on time.

  • FoldSerter™ Features & Benefits

    FoldSerter™ identifies a package, prints and folds collateral and automatically verifies the packslip against the carton in realtime to achieve perfect order before guiding it into the box.

    + Easily handles multi-page packing slips
    + Up to 1,000 boxes per hour, per line
    + Automatically "C" or "Z" folds before insertion
    + Less complex than other brand's systems
    + Inserts the complete, correct docs
    + Reduces labor and errors - ensures compliance

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