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Power economy guidelines and "green" solutions acceptance are generating unparalleled interest in the international electric battery industry.

Although this rise in interest is inspiring new R & D in electric battery innovation, lead acid battery tech is still the go to technology for almost all commercial use scenarios, including fork lifts.

Even though lead acid batteries possess somewhat less power density than many of the more modern kinds of batteries, they have the ability to keep a steady voltage as they run down, they can function across a large range of temperature levels and they may be dependably recharged/ emptied over hundreds of cycles.

The escalation in world wide battery purchases has also caused marked cost surges over the last decade. Increased battery expenses suggest that improving your fork lift battery life expectancy can easily have a consequential effect on your profits.

Service and repair of batteries has an unquestionable influence on their useful hours of service, so a minor purchase of reliable battery handling accessories can yield substantive cost savings in the long run.

Raymond West supplies a complete array of battery handling products from first-class brand names:

Battery Carriages & Carts

Fork lift battery transfer carts allow workers to securely extract and switch fork lift batteries that are designed for side-removal. Raymond offers electric powered options for heavy use operations and non-powered solutions for less use-intensive applications.

Battery Chargers

We provide both new and pre-owned commercial battery chargers for all kinds of operations from single shift, standard use facilities to 24 x 7 x 365, intensive use enterprises. Ask us about our charger and battery lease and rental options.

Battery Stands

Conserve space and safeguard your battery stock with charger stands and battery stands. Raymond supplies a complete assortment of choices and can tailor systems for your unique requirements.

Battery Extractors

Lift truck battery extractors are requisite hardware for any material handling business that demands constant battery swaps.

Battery Hoist

Raymond supplies a range of battery hoist alternatives depending on battery weights, regularity of utilization and facility setup.

Battery Crane

Raymond's gantry crane choices are perfect for up and down battery extrication uses. We provide a wide array of beam spreads, capacities and heights.

Battery Beam

We provide battery hoisting beams including insulated composition and variable hook points. Beams offer an effective and time-saving way to take care of hefty industrial lift truck batteries.

Battery Watering Systems

Raymond supplies total battery watering solutions together with individual components, from containers and deionization appliances to watering valves and guns.

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery cleaning facilities cut down on terminal and conductor oxidation, prolong the useful life of batteries, cut down on fork lift power issues, and support in compliance with environmental guidelines.

Battery Room

Battery areas must be appointed with suitable air handling, suitable flooring surfaces, wash facilities, basic safety gear plus all needed battery handling devices. Our team can help to lay out your facility and provide all battery handling systems for your location.

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