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Cantilever rack is the ultimate storage equipment for stocking big, lengthy or non-standard goods like flooring rolls, plywood or steel. It permits you to store oversized products more efficiently and in far greater quantities.

Although nearly all products pass through the supply chain on standard size pallets, there are many outliers. In many situations, there are some items that simply won’t fit on a standard pallet. Whether it’s gypsum board, lumber, bar stock, furniture or additional products that are bulky, long or oddly shaped, a few products are just tough to find a place for.

Cantilever rack is the answer to this dilemma. It permits you to warehouse bulky goods in less space and in greater numbers. Rather than stacking goods in a storage yard or on a warehouse floor, you can take advantage of vertical space.

Using vertical storage also permits you to stock a broader variety of products, since you can just retrieve a product off of a cantilever level instead of maintaining individual stacks of specific products.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racks are not at all like standard pallet racking. Cantilever starts with a steel foot that is attached to a vertical steel beam. The beam has horizontal arms attached to store items. This type of racking structure can hold a surprising amount of weight. Many cantilever configurations can maintain loads of nearly 20,000 pounds per arm.

Single Sided Cantilever Rack vs Double Sided

Almost all cantilever storage systems provide options for single sided shelving to be installed near walls, and two sided cantilever that can be set up in aisles.

A key advantage to cantilever rack is its capacity to be readily reconfigured. In the event your needs change, you can easily modify arm sections and heights.

A supplementary convenience is that the open design of cantilever rack gives your forklifts easy reach to goods that are sometimes difficult to handle. In addition, having open racks provides for greater visibility, allowing workers to find products rapidly and efficiently.

Cantilever Racks For Specific Industries

While many types of businesses have some long or bulky kinds of goods, there are a few industries that make extensive use of cantilever:

  • Construction: lumber, sheetrock, metal or plastic piping and plywood sheets are just a few building materials that are awkward and difficult to store.
  • Manufacturing: countless fabrication businesses use steel tube and bar stock, sheet metal or plate steel and other long or oversized materials in their production processes.
  • Petroleum: the oil industry has requirements to store piping, drilling equipment and steel stock.
  • Home Accessories: roll carpeting, flooring materials, stone slabs and furniture are all good examples of bulky, awkward goods that are not easy to store.

Cantilever Racks Near Me

If you’re in the market for cantilever rack, call a racking expert at Raymond West today. We carry a vast array of both brand new and pre-owned racking options for nearly all categories of businesses.

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