Hunter The Irrigation Innovators

As the leading manufacturer of lawn sprinkler systems, Hunter regularly receives a large quantity of smaller orders. Fulfilling these orders in timely manner so they could achieve their "same-day" shipping commitment was requiring a large labor force and extra manhours. In addition, the process for strapping and labeling packages resulted in delays. They reached out to Raymond West for solutions. 


  • Solution

    To meet the challenges, Raymond West implemented the following solutions:

    1 Sortation with automatic scale and scanner
    2 Automatic strapping machines
    3 Auto scale, scanner & printer applicator for shipping
    4 Sortation to shipping door
    5 Comprehensive conveyor system

  • Hunter Packages


    Hunter came to Raymond West for help addressing the following challenges:

    1 Large quantity of small orders required extra manhours
    2 "Same-Day" shipping commitment difficult to meet
    3 Carton strapping required extra labor

  • Results

    Working together, Hunter and Raymond West were able to implement the right solutions to solve their unique issues. As a result, orders now ship in half the time with half the staff, they are able to keep up with their "same-day" shipping requirement and no longer have delays caused by their order fulfillment process.

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