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Energy economy guidelines and "green" solutions embracement are generating unparalleled interest in the worldwide battery market place.

While this rise in demand is inspiring new research and development in energy storage technology, lead acid batteries are still the first choice for almost all commercial applications, including lift trucks.

Though lead acid options possess less power density than many of the newer types of batteries, they have the ability to keep a consistent voltage as they run down, they can function over a vast range of temperatures and they may be dependably recharged/ discharged over countless cycles.

The increase in worldwide battery orders has also precipitated sharp price surges over the last decade . Higher battery expenses suggest that improving your fork lift battery life can certainly have a considerable impact on your profits.

Service and upkeep of batteries has a direct influence on their useful hours of service , so a minimal purchase of premium battery handling tools can generate substantive cost reductions in the long run.

Raymond West supplies a full line of battery handling tools from leading producers:

Battery Chargers

Raymond supplies both new and pre-owned commercial battery chargers for all varieties of applications from single shift, standard use facilities to around the clock, maximum use enterprises. Ask us about our charger and battery rental and lease programs.

Battery Carriages & Carts

Fork truck battery transfer carts allow employees to safely extract and substitute forklift batteries that are designed for side-extraction. Raymond provides fully powered solutions for heavy use applications and non-powered choices for less use-intensive applications.

Battery Extractors

Forklift battery extractors are vital devices for any material handling operation that needs frequent battery swaps.

Battery Stands

Conserve space and preserve your battery investment with battery and charger stands . We provide a complete collection of choices and cantailor solutions for your unique needs.

Battery Hoist

Raymond supplies a wide array of battery hoist alternatives based on battery measurements, frequentness of utilization and warehouse configuration.

Battery Beam

We provide battery lifting beams using insulated design and flexible hook positions. Beams offer an productive and time-saving way to manage hefty industrial fork lift batteries.

Battery Crane

Our gantry crane products are perfect for vertical battery removal applications. We provide a wide array of beam lengths, capacities and heights.

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery wash stations decrease terminal and conductor oxidation, prolong the useful life of batteries, minimize fork lift power problems, and support in compliance with environmental requlations.

Battery Watering Systems

Raymond offers complete battery watering systems along with components, from tanks and deionizers to watering guns and valves.

Battery Room

Battery areas must be furnished with proper air handling systems, appropriate flooring surfaces, wash stations, safety materials plus all essential battery handling products. We can help lay out your facility and provide all battery handling equipment for your location.

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