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Raymond West is a Fresno supplier of loading dock equipment.

We are backed by one of the largest service and parts operations in the Central Valley.

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When it comes to loading docks, Raymond West provides a complete range of products, accessories and services to keep your warehouse operating at maximum efficiency.

Raymond offers a complete line of hydraulic dock levelers from the industry’s top manufacturers. Modernize your loading dock equipment by using the latest in safety and industrial design standards. Our company suplies many types of dock leveler options, including:

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Made for high capacity conditions, hydraulic levelers are workhorses that can survive many years of steady lift truck and pallet truck use. They are a safe, efficient, high speed option for commercial dock levelers. Hydraulic units are the most widely used equipment in around the clock customer environments that turn many trucks per dock , per day. Although they’re more costly than other leveler options at the outset, maintenance and repair work costs will typically be significantly lower than other options over the life of the equipment.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical dock leveler systems are hand operated, and as a result they don’t afford the the equivalent efficiency and safety protection of a hydraulic system. These products rely on a spring mechanism instead of hydraulic pumps. They’re simple to use and quite durable, however they do require quite a bit of maintenance.

Air Powered Dock Levelers

Air powered dock levelers give customers a “middle of the road” alternative, more dependable than mechanical products and less costly than hydraulic devices. They engage an inflatable air capsule that lifts and lowers the deck surface. The bag is raised or lowered at the push of a button. These systems are not as fast as hydraulic alternatives, but are well suited to severe conditions like sub-zero weather and corrosive substances. While maintenance is not expensive, replacing air bags can be costly.

Edge of Dock (EoD) Levelers

Edge of dock levelers are self-contained mechanisms fastened to the top of the vertical dock face outside of the door. Though they provide less of a working range than pit levelers, they feature relatively simple installation and less expense. They are a suitable and safe option if there is little inconsistency in vehicle/trailer dimensions.

Dock Leveler Installation

Replacement: if you need to replace your dock levelers, Raymond has a full catalog of modular equipment options and parts, in addition to pit-kits designed for whatever category of levelers you choose. We also offer full service on site removal and replacement of your old dock levelers.

New Construction: for new building projects, we can help with loading dock design and product selection for your new location. In addition, we can manage pit construction and equipment installation at your site. Also ask us about doors, storage systems, conveyors and accessories!

Dock Equipment Service

Scheduled maintenance is important for the safety and continuing operation of your loading dock. Raymond has a team of expert specialists prepared to to provide assistance with any maintenance tasks that arise. In addition, we offer emergency repair service and on-call support if you have a pressing industrial door or leveler issue.

Dock Leveler Near Me

If you’d like to learn more about installing, selecting servicing or repairing a dock leveler, please contact an expert at Raymond West and request a quote today. We’ve been providing products and services to the material handling equipment and warehouse industry for nearly one hundred years and are among the best in the business. Our company features the best products, top tier customer service and unsurpassed support. Lease, finance and rental terms are available, allowing you a number of alternatives We also provide high speed doors, dock seals, shelters, high velocity industrial fans, lights, vehicle restraints, mobile ramps, bumpers, portable dock boards, wheel chocks, wheel risers and any other dock equipment you may require.

In addition to loading dock equipment, we also provide a variety of warehouse systems from conveyors, storage systems, pallet and industrial shelving, pallet jacks, lift trucks, scissor lifts, and other material handling equipment.

Call or contact your nearest Raymond sales center online to request a quote today! A customer service professional will help you with any material handling system or service you require.

Raymond West's Fresno facility serves much of the Central Valley, including Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Visalia, Tulare, Lindsay, Hanford, Lemoore, Los Banos, Santa Nella, Dos Palos, Firebaugh, Kettleman City, Coalinga, Avenal, Mendota, Kerman, San Joaquin, and all surrounding areas.

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