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Raymond West is a Las Vegas forklift repair service for all makes and models of lift trucks.

We are backed by one of the largest parts departments in Nevada.

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For high throughput DCs and warehouses, having even one lift truck out of service can lead to significant losses in productivity. Incapacitated trucks may also rack up hidden costs. As an example, you may have an idle or underused driver while your equipment is out-of-service, you may suffer damage to your credibility because of overdue shipments, and you might incur overtime costs to make up for lost time when your fork truck is restored to duty.

In spite of regular service, even the most well maintained lift truck fleets are subject to occasional mechanical failures, it’s just a reality of the business.

In situations where you need a lift truck back in service as soon as possible, you don’t have the option to wait a day, or even half a day . With a site arrival interval of just over two hours, Raymond West has the speediest dispatch time of any service operation in many areas of Nevada. We have branches throughout the Western U.S. and can dispatch technicians at a moment’s notice.

To get the job done right the first time, our squads of highly trained, authorized technicians are outfitted with thoroughly equipped service vans that have all the tools and parts they need. Our technicians can usually appear at your facility, troubleshoot a mechanical failure and fix a lift truck inside of just a couple of hours of your service request, in contrast to a day or more for most other service operations.

Raymond West has an inventory of over 4,000 parts on hand and access to more than 100,000 part numbers for all makes and models of forklifts. We supply components for all major manufacturers and have one of the best stocked parts departments in the Western United States.

Scheduled Forklift Service

Routine maintenance of your fork trucks is vital to maximizing truck availability and productivity. With our programmed service coverage, we examine and maintain your forklifts at predefined periods and assist in the prevention of mechanical issues before they arise. Raymond’s team of highly trained experts will perform all the necessary inspections and service you need for your trucks. All maintenance calls are organized around your timetable, so you can keep your forklifts working when you need them and have them maintained in slower periods.

Comprehensive Forklift Maintenance

For one fixed monthly charge, our complete forklift service plan incorporates all scheduled service, labor and parts. You get the uptime advantages of our proactive scheduled service plan, but if you do happen to have an unplanned maintenance event, all labor and parts are included as well. The predetermined monthly cost makes budgeting simple and uniform, and it can be considerably lower cost than using trained maintenance personnel. In spite of the fact that comprehensive agreements are more expensive than scheduled maintenance, they can be a very sound decision for heavily utilized lift truck fleets, particularly for multi-shift facilities and high volume distribution centers.

Forklift Repair Near Me – Las Vegas

If you are in need of forklift repair, or you’re looking for a lift truck maintenance or service plan, call a service expert at Raymond West today! You can get in touch with a Las Vegas representative by calling 702-651-6480.

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