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Warehouse doors get a lot of wear and tear, and impaired or out of service doors are not a rarity on most loading docks. In a lot of cases, doors are struck by lift trucks. The dock is a chaotic, congested area, and doors are regular casualties of forklifts that have to snake through obstacles and pedestrians in a constrained area.

Malfunctioning or compromised doors on your loading dock are not only a hassle, they can also be extremely costly to your warehouse operation. When you're unable to operate a door, it can result in backups and lengthy detention times while a bay is out of service. At a busy distribution center, every hour a door is out of service results in reduced efficiency. Getting dock bays back in service quickly is crucial.

Incorrectly sealed doors can also lead to substantial energy loss, especially in environmentally managed and cold storage buildings. Each dock door opening is a massive escape hatch for conditioned air, and a way in for precipitation, wind gusts and harsh conditions from the outdoors. When a door is damaged or difficult to open or close, it often tends to stand open when the dock gets active.

Doors that are not properly closed can likewise allow rodents and various other vermin into your facility, leading to product damages and remediation struggles. In addition, broken doors can present a considerable security hazard, providing trespassers easy access to your warehouse after business hours.

Call a Qualified Warehouse Technician, Not a Garage Door Company

Raymond West has a crew of over 400 service technicians throughout 8 western states that serve the material handling sector exclusively. They are highly trained in warehouse safety and have access to components for all kinds of warehouse doors, from cold storage to high speed roll up doors. They are specialists in several categories of warehouse and dock products, and can work on interlock master controls, dock levelers, inflatable seals/shelters and dock locks.

Emergency Overhead Door Service

If you need urgent service, we can dispatch specialists quickly, even after normal service hours. With 19 facilities, we provide rapid turnaround in Las Vegas and throughout Southern Nevada. Our vehicles stock common components, so in many cases they can finish a job in a single service call.

Door Maintenance Programs

Because dock doors get a great deal of use, maintaining the rollers, roller tracks, cables, panels and seals in good working order is a requirement for active operations. We offer regular door maintenance service and can supply planned maintenance programs for your various other dock and warehouse equipment so you never miss out on a day of productivity. Planned maintenance programs can effectively pay for themselves by reducing unplanned service calls and eliminating needless downtime.

Warehouse & Dock Door Repair Near Me

If you require immediate assistance in the Las Vegas Valley or wish to talk about a planned maintenance program with a door professional, phone Raymond West today.

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