Raymond Cold Storage Solutions

Dec 27, 2019
Raymond Refrigerated Warehousing Solutions

Maintaining operations in a refrigerated warehouse or freezer can be difficult on both personnel and equipment. Raymond West offers ideal solutions for cold storage facilities.

Cold storage warehouse numbers are increasing.  With the development and demand for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals as well as consumer preference shifting to online grocery shopping, the footprint of cold storage facilities is expected to continue growing.

Online grocery sales are expected to hit $100 billion by 2025 and in order to keep up with this trend, cold storage distribution centers will have to shift from retail to industrial properties.

Raymond Equipment is Built to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Whether you are operating in a refrigerated warehouse or a blast freezer, you will likely face many challenges. Let Raymond help bring peace of mind knowing you have reliable forklifts engineered specifically to withstand the cold temperatures.

Raymond lift trucks are tested and proven to operate efficiently in our own facility built to replicate the harshest cold conditions with cycles of freezing and thawing, ensuring that all applications from docking and stocking to reaching maximum heights, as well as everything in between will meet your demands. Pairing the forklifts with options to increase operator warmth and comfort in temperatures far below zero can further increase your uptime and productivity.

Turret Trucks

Raymond Swing-Reach trucks can triple pallet capacity reaching nearly 50 feet maximizing your cold storage warehouse space. With cold storage options unique to this lift truck your operators will be warmer and more comfortable.

Reach Trucks

Energy-efficient design for maximum performance in the cold. Raymond Reach-Fork Trucks with the exclusive ACR System deliver performance, reliability, and productivity by lifting heavy loads higher in temperatures as low as -20°F

Counterbalanced Forklifts

Providing versatility from dock to stock and ideal for freezer and cooler facilities, the Raymond Stand Up Counterbalanced Forklift is designed with the cold in mind. With industry leading cycle times, lower energy consumption, and quick acceleration you can increase your efficiencies.

Pallet Jacks

Engineered around the IP65 rated Raymond-built lithium-ion battery, the integrated heaters and controls provide thermal management that enable the truck to work longer in cold storage  environments without performance drop off.

Cold Storage Conditioning Package

Whether your needs vary within an ambient dock to freezer environment or remain in sub-zero temperatures, the correct package is available. All hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical components are matched to different temperature levels to assure peak performance.

ThermaKit System

Keep your reach truck operators as comfortable and productive as possible when temperatures dip to -20ºF.  The ergonomically designed heated control handle allows operators to wear lighter gloves for enhanced mobility. The heated floor cushion not only keeps the operator’s feet warm, but also reduces frost build-up inside the compartment. The thermostatically controlled heater will shut off when the truck is in a non-freezer environment.

Raymond’s iBattery

Our iBattery system provides real-time data that is vital to effectively manage batteries in cold storage environments.  You can remotely monitor battery temperature, water levels, charge intervals, and the state of charge.

Extreme Environment Conditioning

From dairy to meat processing, the Extreme Environment Conditioning option provides hot dipped galvanization to protect the pallet truck, fork frame and undercarriage components from brine and corrosive fluids. The added durability further extends the life of the truck, in turn increasing productivity.

Vantage Point System

An option exclusively for Raymond Reach Trucks, Vantage Point System allows operators to retrieve and place pallets more efficiently at greater heights through visual assistance. This system features a securely mounted high resolution camera with a color monitor providing a 52-degree view up/down and left/right and an exclusive adjustable reference line to guide fork placement. The system is built to the highest industry standards, and is equipped for a -20°F to 110°F operating range, making it an ideal option to add to your truck to increase cold storage efficiencies.

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