Raymond Radioshuttle: A High Density Pallet Racking System That Can Maximize Your Warehouse Utilization

Dec 13, 2019
radioshuttle pallet shuttle system

The Radioshuttle pallet racking system is a semi-automated storage and retrieval system that helps you maximize the use of your existing warehouse space. It allows you to maintain optimal selectivity while increasing your operational efficiency.

The Radioshuttle cart units are loaded into storage loads and, taking commands from the remote control, execute orders to load or unload pallets into a lane. The lanes are fed pallets by forklifts.  When adding products, a forklift places pallets in the first slot in a lane and the Radioshuttle transports the load backward to the furthest available slot in the rack until the lane is completely loaded. For unloading, individual units are collected from their slot and carried to the front position to be picked by a forklift.

The Radioshuttle solution is perfect for high turnover facilities. It allows workers to seamlessly load and unload pallets either through a forklift mounted remote control or integration with a warehouse management system.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective, “entry level” automation system can generate rapid ROI
  • Store more pallets in a lane
  • Store more pallets in a given footprint
  • Reduce the number of aisles and travel time by forklift operators
  • Every level can be a unique SKU, giving racks higher utilization
  • Increase pallet throughput and reduce product damage through reduced forklift handling

Where Can Radioshuttle Be Used?

  • The Radioshuttle system is ideal for many businesses, from warehousing and distribution to manufacturing.In particular, Radioshuttle is perfectly suited for:
  • High volume SKU’s
  • The first point of storage after manufacturing
  • Work in process
  • Product produced and held for quality testing
  • Sites that have a reasonably high turnover - greater than 5 times per year
  • Facilities running out of space
  • Storage layouts where deep lane storage is the best option

A Reliable and Proven System

Raymond’s Radioshuttle system is among the most sophisticated pallet shuttle options in the industry. As the inventor of pallet shuttle systems close to 30 years ago, Radioshuttle offers extremely fast shuttle speeds and a battery life of 8-14 hours, depending on system design. Radioshuttle solutions are also incredibly dependable and sturdy--some units installed as far back as 1990 are still in operation today. 

Radioshuttle units are capable of carrying loads of up to 3,900 pounds. And for extreme conditions or cold storage applications, Radioshuttle is an excellent choice. The equipment functions dependably in environments from -22 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Radioshuttle system has four main components:

Shuttles: these are battery powered units that efficiently detect, lift and move pallets into, through and out of the system.

Rack Structure: these channels assist the operator in loading Radioshuttle units into the structure and guide pallets into the first position.

Charging Station: you can re-charge the Radioshuttle’s batteries by placing both battery cassettes into a  pull out charging drawer, which automatically connects the batteries to power. By closing the drawer the power is turned on.

Remote Control: this device is used to give commands to the Radioshuttle using one touch features to load, unload and shuffle pallets.

Find Out More

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