Storage Solutions: Cantilever Rack

Oct 14, 2020
cantilever rack

Cantilever rack is the perfect solution for storing large, long or odd sized items like carpet rolls, plywood or steel. It allows you to store bulky items more efficiently and in far greater quantities.

Although that vast majority of goods pass through warehouses on standard size pallets, there are many exceptions. In most industries, there are some products that just won’t fit on a pallet.  Whether it’s drywall, lumber, steel goods, furniture or something else that’s long, bulky or oddly shaped, some items are just difficult to store. 

Cantilever rack is the answer to this dilemma.  It allows you to store bulky items more efficiently and in greater quantities.  Instead of simply stacking items on a warehouse floor or storage yard, you can use vertical space. 

This also allows you to stock a larger variety of items, as you can simply pull an item off of a cantilever level instead of maintaining different stacks of different products. 

Cantilever racks are not at all like standard pallet racks. Cantilever starts with a steel base that is mounted to a vertical steel beam.  The beam has horizontal arms attached to hold items. This cantilever configuration can hold a surprising amount of weight. Some cantilever systems can support loads of up to 20,000 lbs per column. 

A key benefit to cantilever rack is its ability to be easily reconfigured. As your business needs change, you can easily readjust arm heights in 4" increments and sections.

Another advantage is that the open design of cantilever rack gives your forklifts easy access to items that are sometimes difficult to handle.  Additionally, having open racks allows for greater visibility and enables workers to find products quickly and easily.  

Which Industries Use Cantilever Racks?

Although most industries have at least a few large or bulky types of items, there are some industries that use cantilever rack extensively:

  • Construction: lumber, drywall, piping and plywood are just a few building materials that are bulky and difficult to store.
  • Manufacturing: many manufacturing operations use steel tube and bar stock, sheet metal and other long or bulky materials in their production processes.
  • Oil & Gas: the energy industry uses a lot of piping, drilling equipment and steel stock.
  • Household Goods: carpet rolls, flooring materials, countertops and furniture are all good examples of large, unwieldy products that are challenging to store.

Cantilever Rack Near Me

If you’re in the market for cantilever rack, call a material handling expert at Raymond West today.  We carry a wide variety of both new and used cantilever rack options for almost any type of industry.