Locus Robotics Order Picking Solutions: Elevating Warehouse Efficiency

Aug 15, 2023
Locus Robotics for warehouses

Experience a revolution in warehouse operations with Locus Robotics' cutting-edge order picking solutions, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability in the modern world of order fulfillment.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of order fulfillment and warehouse operations, Locus Robotics is paving the way with its groundbreaking order picking solutions. From autonomous mobile robots to data-driven intelligence, Locus Robotics is redefining how businesses optimize their warehouse processes, making them faster, more accurate, and adaptable to the demands of modern commerce.

Efficiency Redefined

Imagine an automated fulfillment center where products flow seamlessly from receiving to picking to shipping. Locus Robotics has brought this vision to life with its enterprise-scale multibot solution. This technology optimizes the entire warehouse journey, increasing throughput and meeting customer expectations while reducing operational costs.

Collaborative Workflow

Locus Robotics understands the value of human expertise. Its collaborative picking robots work alongside employees, boosting productivity and bridging the labor gap. These robots are designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and scalability while maintaining a harmonious human-robot collaboration.

Coordinated Execution

Central to Locus Robotics' success is its intelligent data-driven Warehouse Execution Platform, known as Locus 1. This platform serves as the brain behind robotic fleets, directing their movements throughout the warehouse. From picking and stocking to transportation, Locus 1 ensures efficient operations across the board.

Versatile Robots for Diverse Needs

Locus offers a range of robots to cater to various warehouse tasks. The Locus Origin is agile and quick, ideal for high-volume order fulfillment. It excels in tasks like batch picking, put away, replenishment, and stocking.

The Locus Vector is designed for industrial strength material handling, boasting omnidirectional navigation for point-to-point fulfillment and tight-space maneuvering.

Meanwhile, the heavyweight Locus Max shines in transporting heavy materials smoothly through the warehouse.

Seamless Task Management

Locus Bots collaborate seamlessly to accomplish a variety of tasks, ensuring maximum flexibility. Whether it's picking, put away, or transporting, these bots work in harmony to optimize operations. The system supports different types of containers and configurations, making it adaptable to your existing infrastructure.

Enhancing The Worker Experience

Locus Bots enhance the working experience for associates. With their intuitive interfaces and directions displayed in preferred languages, associates can easily learn and interact with the bots. As robots handle the travel, employees experience improved productivity, ergonomic benefits, and a safer work environment.

Demonstrated Excellence

Locus Robotics' impact is evident in over 250 sites worldwide, completing more than 3 million picks daily. With over 125 leading brands across diverse industries trusting the solution, Locus has solidified its position as an industry leader in autonomous mobile robotics (AMR).

Data-Driven Decision Making

The Locus platform provides real-time data analytics through rich dashboard displays. This empowers warehouse managers to make informed decisions, leading to operational improvements and cost reductions. With Locus, the path to optimization is illuminated by data-driven insights.

Scalability and Adaptability

Locus Robotics' scalability is a significant advantage. Whether during peak seasons or periods of customer growth, adding bots is straightforward, allowing operations to seamlessly adapt to changing demands.

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