The Top 3 Benefits Of A Voice Picking System

Jan 15, 2023
voice operated picking

Discover how voice picking systems can streamline warehouse operations and increase productivity, accuracy, and worker morale with clear and concise instructions.

What Is Voice Picking?

A voice picking system is a type of technology used in warehouses to manage the storage and retrieval of inventory. It utilizes a speech recognition system to direct employees to the locations of specific items within the warehouse. 

The system provides automated instructions to employees through a headset, allowing them to quickly and efficiently locate and retrieve items. Voice picking systems can also be used to track inventory levels, speed up the order fulfillment process, and improve accuracy in warehousing operations.

Voice Picking Advantages

When it comes to order picking in warehouses, the use of a voice picking system is quickly becoming the preferred choice of many warehouse managers. The key to understanding why the voice picking system is so effective lies in examining the many benefits it provides.

  1. For starters, voice picking systems can greatly improve the efficiency of order picking. By streamlining the process, it can reduce the amount of time it takes for workers to pick orders, thus dramatically increasing productivity. This is because with voice picking, workers are given clear and concise directions as to exactly what needs to be picked. This eliminates the need to read and interpret pick lists by hand and makes it easier for workers to complete their tasks quickly and accurately.
  2. The use of a voice picking system can also improve the accuracy of order picking. By providing workers with clear and precise instructions, it minimizes the chances of mistakes being made. This is because workers don’t have to worry about interpreting pick lists or double-checking their work. Furthermore, voice systems can also be programmed to provide workers with warnings if they are picking the wrong items or if they are picking items in the wrong order.
  3. Finally, voice picking systems can also help to improve worker morale. By streamlining the order picking process, it can make it easier for workers to complete their tasks and reduces the amount of time they must spend doing tedious and repetitive tasks. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and improved performance.

Talk To A Warehouse Automation Expert

The use of a voice picking system can provide many benefits to warehouses that use order picking. It can improve the efficiency, and accuracy as well as reduce physical strain on workers and improve their morale. To learn more about voice picking, contact a warehouse automation expert at Raymond West today!