Enhancing Warehouse Safety with Raymond's In-Aisle Detection System

Feb 15, 2024

The In Aisle Detection System is designed to alert operators when objects are detected in the truck's path, bringing the truck to a controlled stop.

In the world of material handling, safety is always a top priority. Raymond’s industry-leading commitment to warehouse safety is clear, with innovations such as its In-Aisle Detection System (IADS). Designed to reinforce operator training and prevent accidents in Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) applications, this advanced system is a significant step forward in warehouse safety technology.

What Is IADS?

The In Aisle Detection System is designed to alert operators when objects are detected in the truck's path, bringing the truck to a controlled stop. This system is available as an option on Raymond Orderpicker and Swing-Reach models, assisting in keeping these trucks separated while on the wire in the aisle. This enhances operator security and confidence, particularly in VNA applications where precision and safety are crucial.

How Does In Aisle Detection Work?

At the heart of the IADS is a LiDAR sensor that detects objects within 30 feet of the truck when traveling in the tractor-first direction in the center of the truck path in wire-guided VNA applications. This advanced sensing technology provides a robust and reliable solution for preventing accidents and protecting equipment.

The IADS offers three layers of security. When an object is detected in a truck's path, operators are alerted through an audible alarm and a visual alert. The truck is then brought to a controlled stop. An operator can then continue operation of the truck, but speed is limited to 1 mph until the object has been removed. This multi-layered approach ensures that operators have ample warning to prevent collisions, thereby enhancing safety and reducing the risk of equipment damage.

Help Your Lift Truck Operators Achieve Peak Performance

In addition to enhancing safety, the IADS also helps reinforce best practices for lift truck operation, leading to more confident operators. With fast pick requirements, the system provides operators with notice regarding a truck's proximity to other objects. While operators must still follow their training and look in the direction of travel, the IADS enhances an operator's awareness of their surroundings.

Key specifications of the IADS include a LiDAR sensor, a minimum detectable object height of 8 feet, and a programmable sensing distance of at least 30 feet. The system requires wire guidance and is not suitable for cold storage environments.

The IADS is compatible with several Raymond wire-guided trucks, including Orderpicker models 5300/5400/5500/5600 and Swing-Reach models 9600/9700. This compatibility ensures that a wide range of Raymond lift trucks can benefit from this advanced safety system.

Learn More About IADS And Other Safety Options

The In-Aisle Detection System is a testament to Raymond's commitment to enhancing warehouse safety through innovative technology. This system is an integral part of Raymond's suite of integrated, intelligent solutions designed to enhance operator proficiency, security, awareness, and productivity.