The Importance of Forklift Pedestrian Safety Training

Mar 29, 2024
Pedestrian Training

Nearly 20% of reported forklift incidents involve pedestrians. Proper training can prevent injuries and save lives.

In the bustling environment of a warehouse or distribution center, safety is paramount. One of the most critical aspects of this safety is ensuring the well-being of pedestrians who share the workspace with heavy machinery like lift trucks. Proper forklift  training is not just a regulatory requirement, it’s a moral obligation for businesses to protect their most valuable asset – their employees.


Forklifts, while essential for operations, can pose significant risks if not operated safely. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that forklifts cause about 85 fatal accidents per year, 34,900 accidents result in serious injury, and 61,800 are classified as non-serious. Nearly 20% of reported forklift incidents involve pedestrians. These statistics underscore the importance of comprehensive safety training for both forklift operators and pedestrians in the workplace.

Raymond's "Steps to Safety" Program

Recognizing the need for a robust safety training program, Raymond developed the "Steps to Safety" program. This versatile training program is designed to address employer-based pedestrian training needs and can be used independently or as a complement to Raymond's lift truck operator training program, "Safety On The Move," as well as any existing operator training programs.


The "Steps to Safety" program was created with input from Raymond Solutions and Support Center representatives and customers who were seeking help in addressing pedestrian training needs. The program encourages the application of the principles explained in the program to specific business environments and material handling processes.

How "Steps to Safety" Can Help Your Business

The "Steps to Safety" program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your business's unique needs. It can be facilitated by a local Raymond West representative or by a trainer within your company. This flexibility allows for the program to be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your workplace, ensuring that the training is as relevant and effective as possible.


The program focuses on creating a culture of safety within the workplace. It emphasizes the importance of awareness and communication between forklift operators and pedestrians, teaching both parties how to navigate shared spaces safely. By applying the principles taught in the program, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in their facilities.

Learn More About Warehouse Safety Programs

Forklift pedestrian safety training is a crucial aspect of any business that operates within a warehouse or distribution center. It's not just about complying with regulations; it's about protecting your employees and creating a safer, more efficient work environment. To learn more about safety training options, get in touch with a Raymond West safety expert today.