How to care for your forklift battery

Dec 19, 2019
San Diego Forklift Dealer

Proper maintenance of your industrial forklift batteries is an essential part of your making sure your warehouse operations consistently run smoothly. When a lift truck battery is down, it usually means one of your forklifts is down and so is productivity. Luckily, there are simple steps you can follow on how to care for your forklift battery, you can get the most from your industrial batteries for years to come.

These simple tips will help extend the life of your industrial battery.

Seven tips for proper battery maintenance

  1. Keep the battery clean, dry, and free from corrosion
  2. Maintain the correct water level (about one half inch below the battery cap opening)
  3. Add water only after the charge cycle
  4. Set up a weekly or bi-monthly watering schedule to ensure proper water levels
  5. Avoid opportunity charging (charging during break times and lunch breaks) because each time you connect the battery to a charger, it uses one of its life cycles
  6. Inspect your battery for any defects or malfunctions, and have your service provider repair them as needed
  7. Have your batteries washed and serviced semi-annually to help control acid and corrosion.

Ten commandments of battery care

  1. Add approved water only— never add acid
  2. Keep electrolyte level above separator protectors
  3. Keep battery top clean and dry
  4. Keep flames and metal away from battery top
  5. Keep vent caps tightly in place
  6. Discharge to no lower than 80 percent, and do not operate battery if the specific gravity is below 1.150 for Powerline, Varta, Waterless, and Top Power batteries, and 1.175 for Energy-Plus batteries
  7. Cool before charging or operating if battery is above 115 degrees Fahrenheit
  8. Only use approved chargers of correct voltage and current output
  9. Keep truck compartment and battery cover open during charging
  10. When in doubt, call your service representative for assistance