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Why does racking need to be inspected regularly?.

Feb 11, 2020

It is critical to the safety of you staff and stock that your rack be regularly inspected, repaired and when necessary, replaced.

Regular inspection and repair of your racking is a critical element of warehouse management.

Legal liability could exist if you:

  • Fail to carry out regular visual inspections
  • Fail to have a qualified person conduct an annual rack inspection
  • Fail to repair damaged components

Our specialists are qualified to conduct the required  annual inspections, train your staff  and provide assistance between visits. Help is only a phone call away!

The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the need for rack inspection:

Do I need an annual rack inspection?
Yes. Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment provides instruction regarding the inspection of racking structures. A rack specialist must carry out inspections at intervals of no more than 12 months. A written report that includes observations and proposed action must be submitted to the person responsible for storage and equipment safety.

Do I need to inspect my racking as well?
Yes, the person responsible for the safety of storage equipment must ensure that inspections take place weekly or at regular intervals as determined by a risk assessment. A formal written record of the inspections must be maintained.

Are official and informal inspections the same?
No. It is acceptable for your team to carry out your weekly visual inspections but we recommend that properly trained personnel conduct them. If you need help training your team to conduct the visual inspections, we are available to train them. We suggest leaving the official annual inspections to our experts.


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