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  • The Next Step in Innovation

    With an ever-changing supply chain, Raymond has been finding ways to keep industries and businesses moving for more than 95 years. At Raymond West, we enable our customers to be as productive and energy efficient as possible with industry-leading forklifts and the technologies that go along with them.

    Our goal is to drive warehousing energy products into the future. We provide solutions for where you need to be now and where you want to be moving forward.

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    A Workhorse Of A Truck. A Powerhouse Of A Battery.

    We're dedicated to providing you with the latest in energy and cost saving solutions. The Lithium-ion technology reflects our commitment to alternative energy solutions that can enhance efficiency and productivity in your demanding warehouse applications.

    Engineered around the proven and powerful Lithium-ion battery pack, the Raymond 8250 Walkie Pallet Truck delivers smooth, controlled operation, greater maneuverability and exceptional reliability. This truck and battery are designed together for ultimate performance.

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    8250 Walkie Pallet Truck Battery Options

    1 CMA (standard):
    + 48 amp hour, 24V lithium-ion
    + Run Time: 3-4 hours (consecutive)
    + Recharging Time: 3 hours (0-100% SOC)

    2 CMA (optional):
    + 146 amp hour, 24V lithium-ion
    + Run Time: 6-8 hours (consecutive)
    + Recharging Time: 6 hours (0-100% SOC)

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