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Flexible conveyors are an ideal solution for fast moving warehouses.

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Flexible conveyor systems enable you to move conveyor entry or exit positions by altering conveyor sectors based on fluctuating requirements during your business hours. These expandable conveyor solutions are often utilized in e-commerce operations or loading docks where truck trailers are loaded and unloaded. One conveyor solution can be used to serve several dock positions.

Flexible Gravity Conveyor

Flexible gravity conveyor systems are set up with skate wheels or non-powered conveyor rollers and are supplied in a variety of widths and capacities, from minimal systems for occasional use to heavy duty options suitable for applications in distribution centers and other intensive operations.

Although steel skate wheels are typical, these conveyors can be constructed from other materials like plastic, stainless steel and aluminum.

Steel skate wheels include many benefits and are a perfect choice for a wide variety of business uses from storage space to assembly lines. They are well suited for lightweight, flat-bottomed pieces like cases. Since each wheel operates independently from the next, they are commonly employed for curved conveyor sections.

Gravity rollers are better suited for heavier items, and can also convey irregular package surfaces in addition to regular flat-bottomed items. Rollers don't rotate as rapidly as separate skate wheels, so roller configurations can be put to use for accumulation applications where skate wheels aren't the right fit.

FMH Conveyors

Flexible Powered Conveyor

Warehouse loading docks are bustling places that have many functions, from loading and unloading trailers to packing cases on delivery trucks. Flexible, compact, modular conveyors are the optimum way to improve both productivity and versatility.

In almost all sophisticated warehouse operations, storage density is a premier concern. When these conveyors are not being used, they can be compactly folded, creating a far smaller storage footprint as opposed to other options.

Power conveyors can also enhance safety and ergonomics. By establishing a direct path between the dock door and the ingress point of a permanent conveyor, these systems create ergonomic benefits for your workers, minimize injuries, improve safety and heighten productivity.

Roller conveyors come in a range of roller widths, from 1.5-1.9 inches. They are fully height adjustable, allowing you to use them for different types of vehicles and applications. With a payload standard of nearly 100 lbs per foot, these conveyors are perfect for many different categories of goods.

Powered options offer variable rates, from 0-120 feet per minute. Start and stop controls are installed on both ends of the machine so that they can be actuated from both sides. They are also outfitted with heavy duty castors and brakes, so they can be easily moved but solidly fixed in place when necessary.

Flexible conveyors are suitable for a wide variety of fields, including distribution centers, e-commerce, beverage and grocery distribution, retail, manufacturing, third-party logistics, parcel post and more.

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