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Raymond West supplies a full range of warehouse automation equipment, including pallet shuttle systems.

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A pallet shuttle is an automated, independent, deep lane pallet storage system that uses self-propelled shuttle carts to move pallets forward or backward in a racking channel. Shuttles are motorized and travel along tracks inside a storage lane.

When storing products, a forklift deposits pallets in the first position in a lane and the shuttle moves the pallet back to the furthest empty slot in the rack until the channel is filled completely. When removing products, individual units are retrieved from their location and carried to the rack face to be handled by a lift truck.

Pallet shuttle systems are ideal for high throughput facilities and allow operators to automatically load and retrieve pallets either through a truck mounted transmitter or integration with a warehouse management system.

Maximize Warehouse Storage Density

Warehouse operators gain substantial benefits from deep lane AS/RS systems through additional storage density within their buildings. Not as many forklift aisles are necessary, and consequently all of that corridor space can be converted to storage. Cart mounted sensors enable pallet shuttles to deposit pallets in very close proximity, maximizing storage space inside each land. Shuttles also allow more vertical storage by requiring minimal clearance between levels.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Safety

There are more benefits to shuttle systems than just added capacity. Productivity skyrockets because forklift operators no longer have to travel to individual aisles--every pallet is loaded or retrived from a central interface. This considerably lowers typical loading and unloading times. Consequently, it can allow a smaller forklift fleet, and slash labor costs by employing fewer drivers.

By reducing forklift travel, you also reduce your exposure to accidents. Less forklift travel means fewer damaged forklifts and racks, less product damage and fewer injuries or safety mishaps.

Raymond Radioshuttle

Raymond’s Radioshuttle solution is among the most sophisticated pallet shuttle options in the industry. As the the pioneer in pallet shuttle solutions almost 30 years ago, Radioshuttle features extremely fast shuttle speeds and a battery recharge interval of 8-14 hours, depending on system design. Radioshuttle solutions are also extraordinarily reliable and sturdy—some systems installed as far back as 1990 are still in operation today!

Radioshuttle units accommodate weights of up to 3,900 pounds. And for cold storage or harsh operating conditions, Radioshuttle is the ideal option. Even in environments from -22 to +104 degrees, the equipment continues to perform dependably.

Pallet Shuttle Systems in Long Beach

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