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What Are Modular Offices?

Modular workspaces are a type of industrial or commercial workspace that is pre-built offsite and is semi-permanent or temporary in nature. Panel built modular structures utilize a panel system that enables fast and easy installation into an existing warehouse or production facility.

In warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities throughout the country, modular workspaces are put in place to permit desk workers to operate in buildings that are principally industrial in nature. These flexible systems can add quiet, protected, temperature controlled workspace to just about any commercial structure, and can often be assembled in a matter of hours.

Why Choose Modular Offices vs Standard Construction?

Modular offices maintain enormous advantages over building out permanent structures inside your building. Because they’re built using prefab components, they’re much more flexible than permanent construction and can quickly be added on to, moved, reconfigured or demolished. These structures can also be eligible for shorter term depreciation by way of the Section 179 allowance, enabling a full write-off in the course of the purchase year. This is a significant tax advantage vs an average depreciation schedule. Moreover, modular building can be 50% of the cost of normal construction.

In general, there is no need for engineers, architects or contractors when installing a modular office; kits are prebuilt and straightforward to put together.

Modular Office Uses

Although the phrase “modular office” implies that these structures are designated to be put to use as office space, in reality they are used for a broad spectrum of purposes. If you’re considering a warehouse purchase, relocation or reconfiguration, there are several possible use scenarios for modular systems.

Modular Worker Cafeterias or Break Rooms

Having a comfortable, climate controlled, well-lit area for your employees to relax and recharge during breaks and lunch hours can boost employee satisfaction and ensure that your workforce remains happy and productive.

Shipping and Receiving Offices

Many facilities require shipping and receiving offices. Modular offices are well suited for enclosing these areas and segregating them from the production floor or storage area. They can also be expanded or reduced as demand fluctuates.

Modular Conference Areas

Modular conference rooms are ideal for employee training, meetings, and client reception areas. Nearly every business requires a collective meeting area and installing a modular conference facility can make a significant difference in your daily business environment.

Modular Computer Room Enclosures

Manufacturing floors and storage facilities can be less than ideal environments for onsite computers, servers, routers and switching equipment. To keep sensitive equipment secure in dusty or dirty conditions, server room enclosures can provide just the right amount of protection and security at a relatively low cost.


Very often, manufacturing, engineering, and scientific departments need separate work areas, or laboratories, for designated activities. A modular office can easily be installed to provide the infrastructure required to build a fully operational lab.

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