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Forklift maintenance is a vital consideration in your DC or warehouse operational plan. For your planned service and unscheduled service calls, it’s important to have reliable, competent technicians available whenever they are needed.

Selecting the right business partner for your maintenance requirements can play a crucial role in staying on schedule and keeping your operation running at maximum productivity. If you’re looking for a maintenance partner, there are a number of factors you should assess:

  • Geographic coverage and ability: the majority of local service operations employ a handful of technical specialists and have only one location. This single-threaded approach is an issue when setting up emergency service calls since fewer technicians means less scheduling flexibility. Additionally, in the event you have multiple locations throughout a state or service area, you may be subject to much longer dispatch intervals or even need to contract multiple maintenance partners. Raymond West maintains locations throughout nine states. We have a team of over 400 experts, and our typical dispatch to arrival time is just over 2 hours.
  • Single source service: warehouses and DCs typically have many maintenance requirements beyond lift trucks. Overhead doors, dock levelers, conveyors, AS/RS systems and many other systems require regular service. Having a single vendor that is capable of maintaining all of your systems is not just efficient, it can greatly reduce your costs when you add all of your equipment to a planned maintenance routine.
  • Skilled technicians: across the industry, there are many levels of training and experience when it comes to technicians . Skilled technicians are worth their weight in gold if you want a job done quickly and done correctly the first time, especially if you have forklifts from different manufacturers. Raymond West has one of the most skilled technical teams in the material handling industry that can service all brands of material handling equipment. Raymond’s training programs are among the best in the business, and we train forklift mechanics from all over the West at our facility in Southern California.
  • Forklift Parts: offering over 4,000 parts in stock and access to more than 100,000 more, we have one of the largest parts departments in the West. Regardless of manufacturer, we can supply the part numbers you need when you need them. For larger organizations, our consignment parts program can guarantee that your mechanics have parts at their fingertips when required.
  • Speed and efficiency: Our technicians arrive on site prepared. Our fully outfitted service vans have all the common parts and tools required for most jobs so that we don’t need repeat dispatches or part deliveries. Between our swift dispatch times and our ability to resolve issues quickly, we can oftentimes reduce your downtime by a day or longer in contrast to other forklift repair providers.
  • Warehouse integration: with Raymond’s iTrack, your team members can call for immediate service from any vendor through our web portal. They can also review maintenance schedules and logs, service costs and history, equipment up time and planned maintenance. In addition, Raymond can give you a single bill for all of your equipment maintenance so that you can easily review and control expenses.

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Forklift downtime can lay waste to your production schedule and expedited service is an essential piece of maintaining efficiency. Whether you are looking for urgent forklift repair, common maintenance or a planned maintenance contract, Raymond West has what you need. Contact us today!

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