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Raymond West is a Los Angeles supplier of forklift and other material handling equipment rentals.

We are backed by one of the largest service and parts operations in Southern California.

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Raymond West furnishes a complete array of forklift rental options, along with any other equipment rentals you’ll require for your warehouse location. Whether you’re in need of a whole fleet or a single fork truck, Raymond is the company to call. We provide the best services and products in the material handling equipment industry at affordable rates.

In addition to equipment rental, we offer complete product support, including service, delivery, parts, maintenance and operator safety training.

Raymond West has locations throughout the West and offers new and used equipment rentals and sales.

Counterbalanced Forklifts

Raymond supplies a full range of electric forklift rentals and is one of the biggest electric forklift fleet dealers in California. Whether you need sit down or stand up forklifts, we have options to meet all customer requirements for warehouse cushion tire applications. Raymond forklift trucks afford excellent visibility, unparalleled ergonomics and unmatched efficiency, making them the best performing counterbalanced forklifts in the industry.

  • Raymond ‘s 4150 Stand Up vehicles: ideal for rough dock uses, an AC drive provides endurance and exceptional power.
  • Raymond’s new 4250 Stand Up: open view mast provides an unobstructed line of vision for the operator, payload capacity of up to 5,000 pounds.
  • Raymond 4460 Sit Down vehicles: ideal for a large range of applications and well suited for attachments and specialty racks.
  • Raymond 4750 Sit Down: this truck boasts unprecedented operative ease and efficiency and is top of the line when it comes to capabilities and design.

Reach Trucks

Raymond West offers reach forklift rentals for nearly every application. The 4-D reach truck puts an end to the requirement for right angle turning maneuvers and is great for long cargo handling, while the deep-reach forklift truck can boost storage density by nearly forty percent with double deep pallet storage. In the event you need to rent reach trucks, Raymond has more options than almostany dealer in Southern California.

  • Raymond’s 7500 model forklifts offer a universal-stance configuration for high rack uses and an unobstructed view, as well as a side-stance option for dock-to-stock and lower heights.
  • The new Raymond 7530 has the highest industry lift maximum at 542 inches, and can support 2,000 lbs at a height of 505 inches.
  • The 7700 provides both sit-down and stand-up operation and is great for extended on site driving time and all day use.

Swing-Reach Trucks

Raymond is among the top producers of turret trucks and is one of the most trusted brand names in forklifts. We furnish many choices in our swing reach product set, including:

  • The 9600 Swing-Reach Truck: this truck offers case picking and high-level pallet handling equipment in VNA configurations. It has lift heights of up to 33 ft.
  • Raymond’s new 9700 Turret Truck: the 9700 offers a maximum lift height of 43 feet, more rapid speeds and large load capacity, making it the ideal choice for special heavy-duty VNA applications.
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach: this jointed truck has even more lifting capacity and delivers industrial load handling of up to fifty ft.
  • Transtacker: the TRT transtacker truck has both alternating and direct power options, providing for every day, 24x7 operation. Additionally, it offers a maximum 4,000 pound payload capacity and a maximum height of 59 feet.

Pallet Jacks

Rent electric pallet jacks from Raymond and you’ll have a complete range of options to choose from. Choose from walkies, walkie riders or riders. Our walkie straddle stacker is ideal for retail backrooms, while our walkie counterbalanced stacker line offers flexible performance for racks and trailers.

Order Pickers

Orderpicker forklift rental choices from Raymond are comprised of our low priced 5200 unit, our versatile 5400 designed for high-use warehouses, and our extended reach 5500 order picker capable of a maximum height of 30 feet. Our high end 5600 orderpicker is great for special high level picking applications, and our furniture order picker is perfect for large pallet-less operations like furniture warehouses.

Aerial Lifts

Raymond’s scissor lift rental options include our SpinGo unit, a perfect alternative to push ladders and push work platforms. If you need to rent scissor lifts with greater functionality, our Sprint aerial lift option offers an elevated, drivable work surface and an adaptable load tray.

For industrial uses where workers are high in the air, safety should always be the primary concern, especially when working with a rental product. The SpinGo and Sprint lifts are extremely safe alternatives.

Should You Buy or Rent Forklifts?

Can’t decide whether to purchase or rent your equipment? A Raymond customer service representative will help you factor your number of locations, rental term, turnover time, expected parts and maintenance costs, training costs and other variables to come up with the most optimal terms for procuring your equipment.

Please call us today or contact us online to request a free quote, and let us help you find the right material handling products, services and solutions for your company! Whether you’re looking for rental equipment, sales, parts, training, service or on site management, we will work with you to find the ideal material handling solution for your needs.

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