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Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a vein of technology that is rapidly growing in popularity in warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. AMRs are made to move around a warehouse or distribution center on its own, without requiring worker assistance. They have sensors and software installed that let them move about the storage location, track down and grab things, and transport them to their destination.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Benefits

A main advantage to utilizing AMRs inside distribution centers is the heightened efficiency they are able to bring. Through automating tasks like material handling and transportation, AMRs will considerably reduce the time and labor necessary to complete these jobs. This can result in better order processing and transport times, and reduced labor prices.

An additional advantage of AMRs is their continual hours of operation, without the need for rest or breaks. This enables warehouses to increase their throughput and efficiency, as the AMRs can work constantly without experiencing fatigue.

AMRs can also boost safety in warehouses, because they are equipped with programming and sensors that enable them to avoid crashes with other people and items. This can reduce the chance of accidents and injuries in the facility, which is notably important in operations that include heavy lifting and other physically demanding tasks.

Types Of AMRs

There are a selection of unique sorts of AMRs that can be obtained on the market, individually designed for particular tasks and environments. Some customary applications of AMRs include:

  • Order Picking AMRs: AMRs can be found in a great variety of designs that attempt to limit picking-related travel time. Having AMRs move goods to the picker eliminates travel time for hourly staff members and can be substantial when it comes to efficiency and cost.
  • Sortation AMRs: Sortation can benefit greatly from the use of autonomous mobile robots. Different types of AMRs possess an assortment of handling tools. It’s possible to equip them with everything from cross belt systems to tilt trays, and can be helpful in returns handling, e-com fulfillment, and high speed parcel sortation.
  • Inventory AMRs: Modern order fulfillment relies on having precise, transparent inventory visibility—being aware of whereabouts the item is inside your warehouse, distribution center, and overall supply chain. However, organizing inventory movement and reconciliation can be difficult and time-intensive for especially large and complicated operations. AMRs that are integrated directly with an inventory structure can exceptionally lessen the time and expenditures necessary to keep at maximum efficiency and order precision.

AMR Implementation

Implementing AMRs in a warehouse requires extensive forethought and consideration. It is essential to attentively assess the tasks that that AMRs will need to complete, and ensure that they are configured with the correct sensors and software to perform these tasks properly. It is likewise essential to plan for the floorplan of the material handling facility and the possible influence on other systems and processes, such as the material handling and storage systems.

A challenge of implementing AMRs is the need for consolidation them with present processes and systems. AMRs frequently must be integrated with warehouse management systems (WMS) and other computer systems in order to work effectively. This can require significant labor and materials, and might necessitate the development of custom software or connection with third-party systems.

An additional challenge is the need for continual support and maintenance. AMRs need consistent maintenance and software updates in order to go on functioning properly, and it is important to make a plan to ensure that such caretaking is completed in a quick and careful way.

Talk To A Warehouse Automation Expert

Overall, autonomous mobile robots will add substantial up sides to material handling facilities, such as increased productivity, efficiency, and safety. To find out more about laying out and deploying an AMR program, contact a warehouse automation professional at Raymond West today.

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