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What are industrial catwalks?

Warehouse and industrial catwalks are a safe and sensible way for workers to access overhead areas in a plant or warehouse. They offer an easy means of accessing equipment as well as serving as walkways for workers, and can be made-to-order to address the individual requirements of your facility.

Industrial catwalk systems are engineered to prevent disruption of operations on the floor, and can be installed overnight with no new construction needed. Catwalks coupled with mezzanines are a highly effective way to take advantage of the vertical space in your building and increase your capacity without the considerable pain of new construction.

What are catwalks used for?

Commercial facilities use catwalks for a wide range of purposes, the most common being to connect two locations on the warehouse or plant floor without inhibiting the broader workflow. This can also greatly enhance an organization’s safety posture, as catwalks can route employees away from dangerous equipment, chemicals, lift trucks, or other potentially unsafe operations.

Catwalk systems can also facilitate elevated access to tanks, hoppers, machinery and other large installations. Generally, it can be awkward to service and adjust oversized equipment using floor level options like aerial lifts. Catwalks can be situated so that employees can freely access equipment for routine maintenance tasks.

Catwalks are frequently used in combination with mezzanine systems to facilitate access to overhead work and storage spaces. These types of configurations can make use of the cubic area in a warehouse, significantly enhancing space utilization and efficiency.

Catwalks come in a broad array of styles, so you can select one that meets your specific demands. If you're having a hard time choosing the right catwalk for your operation, contact Raymond West for advice.

What are the benefits of using industrial catwalks?

There are several advantages to putting catwalks to use in your building. For starters, they can be freely customized to fit the specific needs of your operation. This they are a perfect solution for small businesses with anticipation of growth.

In addition, industrial catwalks provide safe and easy access to all areas of your building. This is particularly helpful in operations where installed fixtures must be regularly accessed or where there is a lot of floor activity. Ultimately, catwalk systems make more of your warehouse accessible while improving safety.

How are industrial catwalks installed?

Factory built catwalks typically ship in sections that can be easily assembled onsite. Walkways, supports, rails and stairs can all be put together fairly easily. Catwalk assembly can be completed by your own team or outside contractors like Raymond West.

Custom designed catwalk systems are a more involved process. After a preliminary site survey, system design, fabrication and installation can take several weeks.

Are industrial and warehouse catwalks safe?

Catwalks are quite safe. They are outfitted with stairs and safety rails, and their heavy steel architecture is nearly impervious to minor accidents like light forklift impacts and other safety incidents.

As a matter of fact, catwalks can significantly improve the safety practices within your operation by separating workers from potentially dangerous activities. For warehouses with heavy lift truck traffic, catwalk systems can route pedestrians away from lift trucks and prevent accidents.

For a handful of industrial tasks like smelting or chemical processing, catwalks can be vital equipment for keeping workers away from potentially dangerous activities.

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