Intralogistics Solutions: Reduce Errors, Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

  • The Odom Corporation Deploys End-to-End Intralogistics Solutions for Operational Visibility

    With distribution facilities across four states and an annual distribution of more than 30 million cases, it’s crucial that The Odom Corporation can communicate across its entire enterprise to ensure customers receive the correct shipment on the promised date. By implementing Raymond West's proposed strategy that included both lift trucks and state-of-the-art technology such as telematics, labor management and pick to light — Odom was able to reduce errors and cultivate a consistent experience across all locations.

  • Comprehensive Connected Technologies

    The Odom Corporation, an Alaska-based beverage distributor with locations in Washington, Idaho and Hawaii, drove business growth by strategically investing in technologies that reduce errors, lower costs and increase productivity. Working closely with Odom, Raymond West's solutions increased visibility, consistency and connectivity.

  • "Instead of having 10 to 15 different brands of equipment in the warehouse, we had one holistic experience. That really gave us a lot of advantages."

    — Mike McCartney, Director of Operations, The Odom Corporation

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    iWAREHOUSE Fleet and Warehouse Optimization System

    The iWAREHOUSE® Fleet and Warehouse Optimization System allowed Odom to gather valuable information directly from its fleet, assets and workforce to enhance efficiency and reliability — including optimization opportunities that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

    From initial implementation, Odom has seen an 86% drop in missing or unaccounted for time—down to 36%.

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    Labor Management System

    Raymond’s labor management system provides Odom with clear visibility into where and how labor dollars are being spent so it can quickly and easily analyze costs and identify inefficiencies, such as missing time, at every level of the operation.

  • Raymond’s LMS does a beautiful job of driving efficiencies through visibility, capturing raw data and illustrating missing time. We’re seeing continuous improvements throughout our entire organization.” 

    — Elle Shrefler, Vice President of Operations, The Odom Corporation

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    PICK2PALLET™ LED Light System

    The custom-engineered Pick2Pallet system Odom commissioned allows operators to pick three pallets at the same time, instead of just one.

    Odom also found that the system reinforces training and improves accuracy by allowing pickers to physically see the pick location illuminated. The Raymond Pick2Pallet system not only allowed Odom to train and develop their pickers, but it also made the training process more efficient.