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On your loading dock, dock shelters can keep your bays dry and comfortable, while helping you conserve energy and keep your building secure. Raymond West provides, installs and maintains products from the top producers of dock shelters in the country.

What Is A Dock Shelter?

Most dock shelters are built with a metal or wood frame that can be rigid or flexible. Fabric and/or fiberglass is generally attached to the outer surface and fabric curtains are mounted to the face of the shelter. These drapes seal the sides and top of the trailer when it’s flush to the warehouse door frame. Shelters are generally employed for larger door frames, and in operations where there is less uniformity in truck heights. Shelters can achieve about 70% air flow efficiency.

Rigid Dock Shelter

Among the most popular options, rigid shelters are generally used for oversized openings in scenarios where there is high variability in trailer height and unobstructed access to the back of the trailer is needed. Rigid sides and head frames are braced by steel supports that are sometimes equipped with fiberglass surrounds to allow sunlight during daytime operations. The head frame doubles as a canopy to shelter the loading dock from wet weather.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Inflatable shelters, like rigid ones, seal the perimeter of the trailer permitting full entry to the trailer. A blower is used to inflate the shelter when a trailer is secured to the dock bay. Inflatable shelters are commonly integrated with an interlock system, along with the door and/or the dock leveler, where the shelter can inflate only if the dock leveler and door are in the appropriate positions. Many sizes and shapes of inflatable shelters are available for a wide range of uses.

What’s The Difference Between A Dock Seal And Dock Shelter?

Dock seals are built with thick foam covered with rugged fabric. They’re mounted around the outside edges of a bay door. They form a tight seal when a trailer is against the door.

In contrast, dock shelters have a frame that surrounds the warehouse door with drapes mounted to the frame. When a truck backs in, the drapes enshroud the rear of the trailer and create a seal.

Dock Shelters Near Me

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