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With today’s skyrocketing warehouse expenses, leveraging greater utilization of your current buildings is critical.

In areas like Oxnard, many companies are are not able to find new warehouse capacity because vacancies are at historic lows.

Taking advantage of the vertical space in a storage facility by installing an elevated steel platform, or mezzanine, can increase storage and production efficiency. You can effectively make use of all of the space in your facility up to the ceiling while still using the floor area beneath the mezzanine decking for your standard operations.

For businesses that outgrow their warehouse, production or distribution facilities, moving can be an exceptionally expensive and disruptive proposition. Industrial mezzanines can be a relatively less costly and minimally interfering way of expanding without having to change location.

From modest warehouses to gigantic DCs, warehouse mezzanines can be a good fit for most types of businesses. Very quickly, a mezzanine installation can improve your efficiency and deliver a significant return on investment. There are many options available, from typical prefabricated mezzanines to specially engineered, multi-story steel mezzanines.

Prefab Mezzanine Systems

Beyond the gains in performance and capacity, mezzanines offer some very practical benefits as well: their lofty position can give managers unfettered visibility to warehouse operations and safety practices.

Industrial platform configurations can take many forms, and most designs serve multiple purposes. Many times systems are engineered with mezzanine office modules, allowing breakrooms, offices and conference rooms instead of just storage.

The vast majority of systems can be put into place without any structural modification and they can be quite straightforward to assemble and disassemble. They are also not difficult to modify as your needs evolve in the future.

So that employees can access these platforms, mezzanine stairs are included. Common storage applications also include lift truck accessible gates. Some solutions also employ vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) or mezzanine lift systems to permit product movement on and off the platform.

Industrial Mezzanine Classifications

  • Freestanding: these systems maximize your floor space and feature easy assembly, modification and disassembly. They also enable unrestricted traffic flow underneath the platform due to their broad span configuration. Part and product storage are an ideal use for these types of structural systems.
  • Rack Supported: rack supported, or “catwalk” mezzanine options allow additional storage areas above pallet racking solutions. Pallets are loaded and unloaded by way of forklift gates included in most configurations.
  • Shelf supported: for augmenting storage of lighter weight items, shelving supported mezzanines are sometimes installed above shelving systems. Although shelf supported solutions are extremely economical, they are not as flexible as freestanding or rack supported options.

New and Used Mezzanine Systems in Oxnard

With a presence across 8 states and 19 branches, Raymond West is one of the largest mezzanine and racking providers on the West Coast. We provide both new and pre-owned mezzanines for most types of applications. Call a material handling expert at Raymond today!

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