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Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a type of technology that is rapidly increasing in popularity inside warehouses globally. This kind of robot is engineered to navigate a warehouse or distribution center independently, without the need for human assistance. They have software and sensors installed that let them move about the storage location, locate and pick up wares, and transport them to their destination.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Benefits

A main benefit of using AMRs within distribution centers is the heightened productivity they are able to bring. By automating duties such as material handling and transportation, AMRs are able to considerably reduce the time and labor necessary to finish such tasks. This can result in quicker order processing and distribution times, as well as lesser costs for labor.

A second benefit to AMRs is their ability to run at all hours, without a necessity for rest or breaks. This allows material handling facilities to elevate their productivity and efficiency, as the AMRs can operate constantly without becoming fatigued.

AMRs also can boost safety in warehouses and distribution centers, as they have installed software and sensors that allow them to avoid collisions with other people and objects. This limits the possibility of accidents and injuries in the workplace, which is especially critical in environments that include heavy lifting and other physically demanding tasks.

Types Of AMRs

There are several different types of AMRs currently for sale, individually designed for distinct facilities and jobs. A few of the most common applications of AMRs encompass:

  • Order Picking AMRs: AMRs can be found in an extensive diversity of configurations that are intended to cut down on picking-related retrieval time. Having AMRs take goods to the picker removes travel time for hourly staff members and can be transformative in terms of efficiency and cost.
  • Sortation AMRs: Sortation can benefit significantly from implementing autonomous mobile robots. Varying sorts of AMRs have a range of handling technologies. It’s feasible to equip them with everything from tilt trays to cross belt systems, and can be helpful in high speed parcel sortation, returns handling, and e-com fulfillment.
  • Inventory AMRs: Contemporary order fulfillment relies on having accurate, transparent inventory visibility—knowing whereabouts the item is within the warehouse, distribution center, and overall supply chain. However, organizing inventory movement and reconciliation can be difficult and time-intensive for particularly large and elaborate operations. AMRs that are integrated directly with an inventory system can significantly limit the time and expenses needed to maintain maximum effectiveness and order exactness.

AMR Implementation

Configuring AMRs in a warehouse necessitates extensive consideration and forethought. It is important to closely assess the jobs that the AMRs will be doing, and make sure that they are equipped with the required software and sensors to address these duties efficiently. It is likewise necessary to consider the configuration of the material handling facility and the possible impact on different systems and processes, like the material handling and storage systems.

A challenge of implementing AMRs is consolidating them with existing processes and systems. AMRs usually need to be connected to warehouse management systems (WMS) and other software systems in order to function well. This can require considerable labor and resources, and could necessitate the creation of custom software or incorporation with third-party systems.

One more challenge is the need for ongoing maintenance and support. AMRs must have regular maintenance and software updates in order to go on running correctly, and it is necessary to have a plan in place to guarantee that these caretaking is completed in a timely and careful fashion.

Talk To A Warehouse Automation Expert

Overall, autonomous mobile robots are able to contribute substantial features to warehouses and distribution centers, including increased efficiency, productivity, and safety. If you’d like to find out more about laying out and setting up an AMR program, talk to a warehouse automation representative at Raymond West right away.

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