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Vertical lift module (VLM) systems are automatic retrieval and storage systems that are commonly used in distribution centers, warehouses, and other material handling facilities. These setups are made of a series of vertically stacked storage trays or bins which are accessed using a mechanical lift. The lift device is directed through a computer that directs the collection and storage of bins or trays to the storage area.

VLM setups are configured to provide effective and efficient collection and replacement of materials in a warehouse or distribution center. They are used to store a diversity of varying sorts of materials, including totes, pallets, and boxes. The vertical stacking of the storage bins lends itself to a greater density of storage in a smaller footprint, meaning they are an elegant solution for material handling facilities with smaller floor space.

Vertical Lift Module Benefits

One of the key benefits of VLM configurations is their extensive automation. The computerized lift device is able to efficiently and accurately collect the assigned tray or bin, diminishing the need for workers to partake in retrieval or storage and increasing the pace and efficiency of the storage and retrieval process. VLM setups also often demonstrate a high storage capacity, making them apt to be deployed in larger distribution centers and warehouses.

Another benefit of VLM setups is the optimization of the space used in a material handling facility. The vertical orientation of the storage trays results in a higher storage density, decreasing the floor space used for storage and creating more space for other applications. Additionally, VLM configurations are able to be designed to accommodate a whole variety of bin or tray configurations and proportions, making it possible to customize the system to the individual design of the warehouse or distribution center.

VLM setups can also be meshed with different warehouse implements, such as conveyor systems and forklifts, to further improve the speed of the retrieval and storage process. For example, VLM systems are able to be used alongside conveyor systems to automatically move pieces to and from the storage area, diminishing the necessity for manual handling.

VLM’s can be configured to fulfill the specific needs of a distribution center or warehouse. For example, it’s possible to have them set up to adapt to differing sizes and sorts of materials, as well as differing collection and storage requirements. Additionally, VLM systems can be equipped with varying features to enhance safety, like safety barriers and warning lights.

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Altogether, VLM systems are an effective and optimized solution for warehouses and distribution centers that deal with storage and retrieval of a large volume of materials in a small area. They allow for a high level of automation, a large storage volume, and optimized use of floor space inside a facility. With the different styles and configurations for sale, VLM systems can be customized to satisfy the specific requirements of any distribution center or warehouse. If you’d like to learn more about the prospects of VLM systems for your operation, call an automation expert at Raymond West today.

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