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Most warehouses in Phoenix are still utilizing RF or paper based order picking systems, in spite of the massive efficiencies and cost decreases associated with automated picking systems. In reality, only about 20% of storage facilities throughout the country make use of advanced services like voice directed or pick to light systems. These types of solutions can have a significant effect on productivity.

The Business Case For Automated Picking Systems

In most facilities, picking is a laborious job where a picker receives an actual paper list of instructions laying out the products to pick and their locations. They proceed to the designated storage slot, evaluate their paper list to figure out how many products they require from that pick face, get the items, tick the product off of the checklist, and then transport the items for packing.

Simply getting around a storage facility can take up to 65% of a manual order picker's day as they stride or drive around the warehouse. These inefficiencies make order picking the most labor-intensive task in an average warehouse. In a lot of cases, over half of a common Maricopa County storage facility's operating expenditures can be linked to order fulfillment. That number is actually increasing as e-com spurs additional picking demand from warehouses.

Practically all storage facilities have at least some picking requirements. Nearly 50% manage a blend of pallets, cases, split cases and pieces. Less than 10% of all storage facilities throughout the country handle strictly whole pallet orders. And despite the fact that most warehouses bear enormous picking costs, only 20% have moved beyond standard RF and paper-based picking solutions.

Innovations in Picking Technology

In the last 10 years there have been great advances in picking technology, ranging from IoT+ RFID to augmented reality smart glasses. The two most extensive and seasoned technologies, however, are light directed and voice directed picking options. Each has a compelling use case in specific situations, and some storage facilities even utilize both techniques.

Fully implementing technology-based picking systems can be capital intensive. ROI cases for picking automation can be convincing. The majority of projects have a quick payback and can produce considerable savings in labor and pick inaccuracies for several years to come. A 2018 research study showed that organizations that employed voice, light or RFID based picking options decreased pick mistakes by approximately 67%.

Pick To Light

Pick to light systems are perfect for zone picking or high order volume, high speed warehouses. Racks are equipped with LEDs that signal pick quantities and locations, and workers tap these lights to confirm picks and volumes as they make their way down a pick route.

Light directed solutions are less flexible and more expensive than voice directed systems, but carried out effectively they can considerably improve picking velocity and accuracy. As reported by MHI, most pick to light applications achieve approximately 30-50% in pick rate efficiency.

Voice Picking System

Voice picking options are ideal for storage facilities that keep a more substantial selection of SKUs dispersed across larger warehouses. Workers can move about a building hands-free--they do not need to carry a portable device or sheet of paper.

Picking instructions are relayed by the warehouse management system through an earpiece or headset, and the order-picker replies verbally to verify each pick. There is no equipment to carry, no screens to review, no barcodes to scan, and no confirmation buttons to click. The whole procedure is accomplished through voice commands and spoken verification.

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