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Raymond West carries a full line of Kardex Remstar products, including Lektriever and Megamat vertical carousels.

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Raymond West offers a full array of automated storage and retrieval systems, including vertical lift modules, vertical carousels, vertical buffer modules and horizontal carousels. We also offer the systems and software you require to keep your warehouse or distribution center running smoothly.

We proudly offer advanced warehouse automation solutions from Kardex Remstar, a preeminent multinational manufacturer of industry automation equipment.

Kardex Remstar Lektriever Overview

Managing materials in today’s business environment is difficult. With so many individual items, it's hard to know what you have on hand and where it’s stored. The Kardex Remstar Lektriever vertical carousel is engineered to keep things at your fingertips while making efficient use of space, increasing security and enhancing accessibility.

Kardex Remstar’s Lektriever vertical carousel is an array of vertically arranged revolving racks, or containers, controlled by an electronic keypad. When initiated the carousel rotates and presents the chosen item to the operator at an ergonomic work counter. A versatile and reliable solution that maximizes space, increases security and enhances ergonomics, Kardex Remstar’s Lektriever vertical carousel is the perfect solution for operations that would like to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Dispensing inventoried items and files to a user lowers retrieval time by 200-300% as compared with standard file drawers or shelving. Faster retrieval of objects and essential data enables workers to increase their focus on more important tasks, increasing productivity and saving money.

A wide range of shelf formats give the Lektriever vertical carousel unmatched versatility. Styles can be selected to meet your precise application and can be readily updated in the future as your organization changes. Carrier choices include:

  • Lateral carriers for side tab files
  • Tray carriers that are sectioned crosswise for top tab documents
  • Extendable bin carriers for top tab folders
  • Multi-level roll out bins for small item storage
  • Frame equipped roll out bins for hanging filing systems
  • Multi-purpose receptacles for containers, trays and boxed items which can also be tiered for smaller objects.

Kardex’s vertical carousel maximizes floor area and delivers more capacity when compared to file cabinets and shelves. Sixteen 5-drawer filing cabinets or standard file racks consume about 216 square feet of footprint. A Lektriever vertical carousel with roughly the same capacity uses only 65 square feet. That's a 70% floor space reduction.

Exchange sixteen filing cabinets or shelving with 4 vertical carousels, and you will expand your filing area by 271% and your object storage capacity by 300% in the same footprint.

Kardex Remstar’s Lektriever offers a standard lockable door enabling the carousel to be completely secured with a key. Specific carriers can be equipped with locking doors requiring a key to access items within that particular section.

Formaximum defense the carousel can be furnished with an automatic security door that is continually closed until accessed, keeping classified items and files secure in an enclosed environment.

Designed to OSHA standards, Kardex Remstar’s Lektriever vertical carousel presents archived articles to an ergonomically positioned, lighted work surface. To improve employee ergonomics and productivity, an optional adjustable work space can move from a standing position of 39.37 inches to a sitting position of 29.5 inches, or any position in between for maximum employee comfort and ADA conformance.

For tight spaces the Lektriever vertical carousel can be optioned without a work space or a retractable counter can be supplied.

Each Lektriever vertical carousel is equipped with a light curtain for operator safety. The carousel will stop instantly if the light curtain is crossed while the unit is in motion. Apart from filing, standard Lektriever uses include:

  • Medical / Biotech / Pharma (pathology slides, blood cards, bench samples, research samples)
  • Law Enforcement (weapons, evidence storage, fingerprint cards)
  • Local Government (voter registration cards, election binders, forms and publications, violation tickets)
  • Library (books, microfilm, media)
  • Lab (scientific notebooks, chemicals)
  • Manufacturing/Assembly (electronic components, small parts, tool storage)
  • Corporate (documents, media, mail sorting)
  • General light duty storage

For industrial scale uses, the Megamat RS vertical carousel provides a similar rotating carriage mechanism with heavier payloads and integrated software.

Vertical Carousel Supplier

Vertical carousels from Lektriever offer supreme reliability and are constructed to strict quality standards. Kardex factories comply with ISO 9001 and 14001.

Kardex Remstar reinforces the quality of their equipment and systems with superb warranties and maintenance. The standard warranty for Lektriever systems is two years with an option to extend to five years.

Kardex Remstar Lektriever vertical carousels are used in operations across the world including financial facilities, hospitals, defense agencies, insurance agencies, medical offices, museums, military medical facilities, schools and universities, government administration facilities and many more.

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