• Cantilever racking systems have several different types and are similar to roll form pallet racking. The two main cantilever types are:

    • + Structural “I” beam columns, with bases and arms  
    • + Pocket style

    Both types function the same way and provide all of the same solutions.

    Cantilever rack systems can be single, double-sided, or both, and consists of a large vertical column with horizontal arms and bases that project out from it in either direction, with the arms providing the support that the product sits on.

Your product length, weight and rigidity will define the center of the columns and how many arms are needed to support the load while the load depth of your product is the defining source of how long the arms and bases need to be.  Your load cannot exceed the length of the bases.

  • This type of racking system may be beneficial for your business if you are in need of storage for:

    + Steel pipes

    + Tubes

    + Furniture

    + Lumber

    + Drywall

    + Other oddly shaped and oversized products.

  • One of the ways to increase the density of your cantilever layout is the Raymond Sideloader long load forklift. You can store 20’ goods with 6’ aisle spacing.

    For more information on Raymond's Sideloader, click below.