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Are you about to buy used forklifts? There are thousands of used lift trucks available in Riverside and throughout the Southern CA market. Purchasing previously owned lift trucks is usually a sound strategy and it could save you some money. If you’re not quite sure about purchasing used equipment, consider some of the upsides:

Used Forklifts in Riverside

When you buy brand new lift trucks, financing arrangement and order delivery usually takes a while. The benefit of used lift truck sales is that they are nearby, often close pretty rapidly and you can take delivery sooner.

Pre-Owned Forklift Pricing

Just like purchasing a pre-owned car, you’ll spend less when you buy previously owned forklifts. Pre-owned lift truck pricing discounts depend greatly on the truck type and brand of forklift, but you’ll generally pay quite a bit less for pre-owned trucks. Whenever you locate a previously owned lift truck for sale, it’s a good idea to compare pricing on at least two equivalent vehicles in your market area to confirm you’re being offered a decent price.

Used Forklift Values

Your budget may limit what you can afford to buy new, but buying used may allow you to buy a better lift truck than you could otherwise afford. Pre-owned lift truck prices for newer models that are almost identical to the newest on the showroom floor can be heavily discounted, meaning you can acquire the latest technology for far less than the price of buying new.

Used Forklift Dealers

When you buy from a used forklift dealer that is also a distributor, you can get factory certified, preowned lift trucks that are almost as good as purchasing new. These previously owned lift trucks are fully inspected, refreshed and mechanically restored by fully qualified specialists and they often are sold with a warranty.

Buying from a distributor also gives you access to their financing, service contracts, parts delivery and other benefits that are not available with a private party sale.

Other Factors

Since you’re now up to speed on a few of the benefits of purchasing preowned forklifts, you may want to evaluate several additional variables to see if a preowned forklift plan is right for you:

  • Equipment Utilization: how much do you plan to utilize your trucks? If your new forklifts will be used throughout multiple shifts, seven days a week, it could likely be a better option to lease your lift trucks or buy them new, despite the fact you’ll pay more up front. Heavy use patterns are more suitable for new forklifts, or lift trucks that will be maintained by another party.
  • Maintenance Capability: do you have in-house resources that can service your previously owned forklifts? When you have an expert on your team that can maintain and repair previously owned lift trucks, it can be very economical to go the pre-owned route. If you don’t, you should probably opt into a maintenance agreement.
  • Trustworthy Used Lift Truck Dealers: buying from a trustworthy, knowledgeable dealership is always wise. Dealers will frequently sell off-lease forklifts that have been consistently and appropriately maintained. Private transactions, however, are generally a crapshoot—you typically can’t verify the true history of the forklifts or the manner in which they were serviced.
  • Forklift Safety: any time you’re buying a used forklift, you should always be mindful of safety as your primary concern. Always schedule a used forklift inspection from a qualified technician.
  • Preowned Forklift Warranty: previously owned forklifts purchased from dealers many times have an initial warranty. In the event you can buy an additional warranty or service agreement, you should consider the extra expense vs the cost of buying brand new forklifts.

Used Forklifts For Sale in Riverside

If you want to purchase a used lift truck or get information on preowned forklifts for sale in Riverside or anywhere in Southern California or Las Vegas, you can speak with an expert at Raymond West by calling (951) 384-2444.