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If you’re looking for dock seals, Raymond West offers a wide variety of options to serve your needs.

Dock seals can help you sustain consistent climate conditions on your loading dock and protect shipments from weather as they move in and out of your facility.

Are dock seals really needed? There are many benefits to adding them, including:

  • Energy savings: Dock seals can yield substantial cost savings by reducing your facility's energy expenditures.
  • Safety: damp concrete is slick and treacherous. Defending your dock against the elements makes it a much safer place to be.
  • Comfort: nobody relishes working in extreme weather like snow or rain. The morale, productivity and comfort of your team will improve when you add door seals.
  • Cargo protection: Seals keep rats, mice and other vermin away from your facility and protect it from precipitation, wind and harsh temperatures.
  • Building security: Seals help keep thieves, vandals and vagrants out of your facility.
  • Temporary storage: docked trailers can serve as short term, secure, temperature-controlled expansions your facility.

Dock Seals Come in a Variety of Different Designs

Dock seals are usually fabric-wrapped foam panels that are mounted on the exterior side of your loading dock door surrounds. When a trailer pushes against it, the foam compresses, forming a secure seal that keeps the weather out. Seals are generally applied to smaller door openings, and they can limit air flow on your dock with up to 90% efficiency.

Fixed Head Dock Seal: A foam-filled side and head pad are utilized in this style of dock seal. For applications with unvarying truck heights and conventional dock requirements, it's one of the most widely used and efficient dock seals.

Head Curtain Dock Seal: This type of dock seal is used when your facility has highly variable trailer heights and door heights. It has side pads that are filled with foam. Most of these types of seals use either a stationary or adjustable head curtain. Foam-filled curtains, which are available as an option, can create a more airtight seal and increase its energy efficiency.

Adjustable Head Pad: A once common configuration, this type of seal has fallen out of favor due to advances in seal technology. This seal, which functions similarly to a "Head Curtain," is ideal for variable truck heights and door sizes.

L-Shaped Dock Seal: Named for its configuration, this type of seal has “L” shaped side pads. The seal's shape and increased protrusion make it perfect for bigger door openings. The configuration and protrusion are built to seal the trailer's sides rather than the back. This enables easier access to the trailer's opening. A “fixed head” or “curtain” header is used on this type of seal.

Inflatable Seal: When a truck arrives at a loading dock bay, the inflatable seal balloons with the help of an air pump. These seals are generally used in conjunction with an interlock system with the door and/or dock leveler, and will only inflate once the leveler and door are in the proper positions. Inflatable seals come in a wide range of configurations and dimensions.

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