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A horizontal carousel system is a type of automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) deployed in distribution centers and warehouses to handle storage and retrieval of materials expediently. It contains a sequence of trays or bins mounted on a rotating carousel, and pick items are distributed to the operator station, in a “good-to-person” way.

The Advantages Of Horizontal Carousels

A primary benefit of a horizontal carousel system is its ability to take advantage of available space. Through utilizing a turning base, this ASRS enables the storage of a vast quantity of components in a limited footprint, allowing warehouses and distribution centers to use their space more efficiently. This can be particularly advantageous in implementations where floor space is limited or expensive.

An additional advantage of horizontal carousel systems is their reliability and efficiency. Because the picking instrument can quickly and conveniently find the necessary tray, the system can collect components quicker than a staff member. This can help warehouses and distribution centers limit the time required to meet orders, which leads to enhanced performance and customer contentment.

Beyond these advantages, horizontal carousels are able, also, to help warehouses and distribution centers lessen their labor costs. Since the system is automatic, it can operate all the time without needing shifts or breaks. This reduces the need to utilize a workforce, and is often highly noteworthy for warehouses and distribution centers that must fulfill orders on a all day basis.

Horizontal Carousel Types

There are a few unique sorts of horizontal carousel systems out there, each having a few highlighted benefits and qualities. Several of the most prevalent sorts are:

Standard Horizontal Carousel: These “typical” horizontal conveyors are often arranged together into a pod or workstation and utilized for batch picking applications. The number of horizontal conveyors required for each pod is based on throughput expectations. Items can be picked either by a human staff member or a robotic arm.

Put Horizontal Carousel: This kind of ASRS works on the same principle as a put wall, but instead of a wall it’s comprised of a carousel of bins. It is commonly used for consolidation or within an operation.

Robotic Horizontal Carousel: Fully robotic carousels turn the needed tray to an insertion/extraction point, which selects the correct tray readily. A conveyor distributes the tote to the next location within the system.

When contemplating a horizontal carousel system for a material handling facility, it's imperative to closely evaluate the individual demands of the enterprise. A few factors to review involve the floor plan and footprint of the facility, the variety of items being stored, and the volume of orders requiring fulfillment.

Besides the opening price of the horizontal carousel, warehouse executives will also need to take into account ongoing maintenance and repair expenditures. It's critical to select a system that is reliable and durable, as stoppages can be expensive in terms of lost productivity and customer contentment.

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Altogether, horizontal carousel systems are usually a valuable investment for material handling facilities looking to elevate efficiency and lessen expenditures. By automating the retrieval and storage of items, such systems can help facilities enhance output, reduce labor costs, and raise customer satisfaction.

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