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Raymond West supplies a full range of warehouse automation equipment, including pallet shuttle systems.

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A pallet shuttle is an automated, independent, high density pallet storage solution that uses self-propelled shuttle carriages to move pallets toward the front or back in a racking channel. Shuttles are powered by electric motors and travel along rails within a storage channel.

When storing products, a forklift sets pallets in the first slot in a lane and the carriage moves the load backward to the furthest available position in the rack until the lane is filled completely. When pulling pallets, unit loads are picked up from their location and carried to the rack face to be selected by a lift truck.

Pallet shuttle systems are well suited to high turnover facilities and enable forklift drivers to seamlessly store and pick up pallets either through a truck mounted transmitter or systematically through a WMS.

Maximize Warehouse Storage Density

Warehouse operators gain considerable benefits from deep lane AS/RS systems via increased storage capacity inside their buildings. Not as many lift truck lanes are necessary, meaning that most of that corridor space is recovered for storage. Onboard sensors allow pallet shuttles to place unit loads as close together as possible, optimizing storage space within each land. Furthermore, with a shuttle, minimal clearance is required between levels allowing more vertical storage as well.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Safety

The benefits don’t stop at storage density. Productivity increases dramatically because forklifts are no longer required to travel to specific aisles--each unit is placed or unloaded from a central interface. This considerably lowers ordinary loading and unloading times. As a result, it can reduce the number of forklifts required, and more importantly, greatly reduce labor expenses because not as many workers are necessary.

By reducing lift truck travel, you also reduce your chances of accidents. Less forklift travel results in a reduction in damaged lift trucks and racking, less product damage and not as many safety incidents or injuries.

Raymond Radioshuttle

Raymond’s Radioshuttle system is one of the most sophisticated pallet shuttle options available. As the the pioneer in pallet shuttle solutions almost three decades ago, Radioshuttle features industry leading shuttle speeds and a battery life of 8-14 hours, depending on system design. Radioshuttle equipment is also extraordinarily dependable and durable—some units deployed nearly 30 years ago are still in service today!

Radioshuttle units accommodate loads of up to 3,900 pounds. And for cold storage or harsh operating conditions, Radioshuttle is the ideal choice. Even in environments from -22 to +104 degrees, the shuttles continue to operate reliably.

Pallet Shuttle Systems in Riverside

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