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Vertical buffer modules (VBMs) are a type of material handling equipment commonly used in warehouses to store and retrieve products and materials. These modules have been designed with the intention to make the most of storage space by utilizing vertical room, enabling warehouses to accommodate a greater number of items within a smaller footprint.

VBMs consist of a series of storage compartments that are arranged vertically, with each bin able to hold a specified weight capacity. The bins are placed and removed by a vertical mast system, which can travel in both vertical and horizontal directions through the center of the unit. The mast is controlled by a computerized automation system that retrieves bins from predetermined positions inside the module.

Increase Storage Density

There are several advantages to using vertical buffer modules in a warehouse setting. Primarily, they enable the efficient use of space by utilizing the warehouse’s height. This can be distinctly beneficial in material handling facilities that have limited floor space, as it allows them to accommodate a greater number of items in the same amount of space.

Boost Pick Speed

Vertical buffer modules additionally provide a faster retrieval process, unlike standard shelving systems where employees must manually search for items from storage racks, which may be slow and ineffective. In contrast, with VBMs, materials can be retrieved swiftly in a “goods-to-person” manner, substantially limiting the time and labor required to select materials.

Improve Safety In Your Warehouse

Furthermore, vertical buffer modules can enhance safety in your warehouse. Typical shelving systems often require employees to use ladders or other equipment to reach items on upper shelves, which may cause injuries and additional health risks. With VBMs, workers can obtain items while at the ground level, minimizing the chance of potential accidents.

Learn More About Vertical Buffer Modules

Overall, vertical buffer modules can add value to every warehouse, providing efficient storage, improved pick speed, and increased safety. Through the use of the upward ceiling height, warehouses can store more items in a smaller area, reducing the necessary floor space and maximizing available space. In order to learn more about the features of VBMs, please get in touch with an automation expert at Raymond West right away!

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