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Loading docks are busy and congested areas, and having a comprehensive safety strategy can benefit your business by preventing costly and disruptive mistakes.

Truck Restraints

As trailers are backed up to a dock bay, making sure the trailer stays in place is essential to the safety of your employees. As lift trucks maneuver in and out of trailers and pallets are added or removed, significant weight fluctuations ensue. When trailers are jostled they will shift unless they are firmly anchored in place by some kind of restraint system.

When a trailer is inadvertently moved, it is referred to as “trailer creep.” This is exceptionally dangerous for a forklift operator, as the dock leveler is separated from the trailer. A forklift can easily go over the side of the loading dock, resulting in severe bodily harm or death.

Another problem is unplanned departures. Drivers may occasionally depart from the dock before cargo transfer is completed due to oversight or misunderstanding. If a forklift is on board during an unscheduled departure it can be disastrous.

Truck restraints are engineered to stop trucks from pulling away from a dock until it is advisable to do so. Restraints can be as basic as wheel chocks, or they can be as advanced as hydraulic hooks that tie into doors and dock levelers through interlock safety mechanisms.

Trailer Restraints (Dock Locks)

Trailer restraint mechanisms are essentially hooks that latch onto the ICC bar on a trailer frame to secure it solidly in place. These devices can be basic, mechanically operated systems or more complex hydraulic and/or electric configurations.

Oftentimes, restraints are directly tied to the door, signaling lights and dock leveler on a dock bay, so that they can’t be disengaged if the door is ajar, the dock leveler is engaged or the truck driver hasn’t been instructed to proceed by the dock operator. Having safeguards like these can be advantageous on any busy loading dock and can greatly improve safety and productivity.

Wheel Chocks

Using wheel chocks is probably the simplest way to keep a vehicle stable. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just use wheel chocks instead of an expensive restraint system? While ordinary wheel chocks can easily hold a vehicle in place, there are some additional risks:

  • Forgetful workers can sometimes neglect to place chocks correctly
  • Uneven surfaces can cause chocks to slip or not function properly
  • Chocks can get lost, and busy workers may forego them instead of falling behind
  • Setting wheel chocks may require workers to get down near the pavement where drivers can’t see them, putting the employee in harm’s way if the truck moves

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