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Vertical carousel systems are a sort of automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers to elevate productivity and effectiveness. These storage setups are made of a set of vertically stacked bins or shelves that rotate about a central axis, allowing for easy access to stored items without the use of ladders or forklifts.

Vertical Carousel Benefits

There exist multiple benefits to employing a vertical carousel configuration within a warehouse area. First and foremost, these systems are able to significantly enlarge the density of storage in a warehouse, because they utilize the vertical space in a facility much more effectively compared to traditional pallet racks or shelving. This can allow a warehouse to store more things in less floor area, which is extremely helpful for material handling facilities with smaller footprints.

Besides improving storage density, vertical carousel storage setups often increase the quickness and precision of item collection in a warehouse. Rather than manually searching for items on shelves or racks, employees can just input the required item into the system's software-controlled panel, and the vertical carousel will automatically retrieve the stored item and dispense it at an ergonomically engineered access station. This significantly lowers the time and effort required to locate and collect items, meaning staff members can do assignments more swiftly and with less fatigue.

Another benefit of vertical carousel systems is that they improve safety in a material handling facility. Vertical carousels eliminate the need for employees to use lift trucks or climb ladders to reach stored objects, reducing the risk of accidents, including falls. Additionally, computerized nature of the carousel lessens the chance of human error, as items are accurately stored and retrieved according to the computerized system.

Types of Vertical Carousels

There exist a few unique configurations of vertical ASRS available, each of which is ideal for separate types of storage requirements. A few often-seen types of vertical ASRS include:

  • Unit load carousels: These systems are configured to retrieve and store pallets and others larger items, and are often deployed alongside a lift truck or other material handling equipment.
  • Case and tote carousels: These carousels are intended to retrieve and store smaller items including totes or boxes, and are frequently implemented alongside automated handling equipment such as a conveyor system.
  • Bin carousels: These carousels are configured to retrieve and store small, loose items such as parts and pieces, and are frequently implemented in conjunction with a pick-to-light or other order picking system.

Regardless of the configuration of vertical carousel system chosen, it is essential to closely account for the individual needs and requirements of the distribution center or warehouse in order to select the most apt system. Elements to consider will include the types of items in storage, the volume of items in storage, the amount of unused space, and the system budget.

Talk To An Automation Expert

Altogether, vertical carousel systems can be a valuable addition to any material handling facility trying to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety. By taking advantage of the vertical space in a facility and computerizing the retrieval and storage process, these systems can greatly increase the speed and accuracy of item retrieval and reduce the physical work required of employees. To find out more about vertical carousel options, talk with an automation expert at Raymond West today!

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