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Vertical carousel systems are a kind of automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that are frequently used in warehouses and distribution centers to improve efficiency and productivity. These storage setups contain a sequence of bins or shelves, vertically stacked, that spin about a central axis, creating easy access to stored items without using forklifts or ladders.

Vertical Carousel Benefits

There are several advantages to using a vertical carousel setup within a warehouse setting. First and foremost, vertical carousels are able to significantly increase the storage density of a material handling facility, because they utilize the vertical room in a facility considerably more effectively compared to typical pallet racks or shelving. This means that a warehouse can store more things in a smaller space, which is extremely helpful for warehouses that have limited floor space.

Besides improving the density of storage, vertical carousel storage setups are also able to enhance the quickness and precision of item fetching inside a warehouse. Rather than manually searching for items on shelves or racks, staff members can simply input the necessary item into the system's computerized control panel, and the storage system will automatically collect the item and present it at an ergonomically implemented access point. This greatly reduces the time and effort needed to track down and retrieve items, meaning employees can finish tasks faster and with less fatigue.

Another benefit of vertical carousel systems is their ability to increase safety in a warehouse space. Vertical carousels eliminate the need for workers to climb ladders or use lift trucks to reach stored parts and pieces, lessening the risk of accidents, including falls. Additionally, computerization of the storage diminishes the possibility of human error, as items are accurately stored and retrieved in accordance with the computer-based system.

Types of Vertical Carousels

There are many different configurations of vertical carousel systems for sale, each of which is ideal for separate types of storage requirements. A few common styles of vertical ASRS include:

  • Unit load carousels: These carousels are designed to retrieve and store pallets and others larger items, and are frequently deployed in conjunction with a forklift or different material handling equipment.
  • Case and tote carousels: These systems are designed to store and retrieve smaller items including boxes or totes, and are often implemented with automated material handling equipment such as a conveyor system.
  • Bin carousels: These systems are intended to store and retrieve small, loose items such as components or parts, and are frequently deployed with an order picking system such as a pick-to-light.

Regardless of the type of vertical carousel system chosen, it is crucial to closely consider the specific needs and requirements of the distribution center or warehouse in order to pick the most appropriate system. Factors to consider may include the sort of items being stored, the volume of items in storage, the amount of unused space, and the installation budget.

Talk To An Automation Expert

Overall, vertical carousel systems can be a helpful inclusion in any warehouse or distribution center looking to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency. By using the vertical space in a facility and computerizing the retrieval and storage system, these systems can substantially raise the quickness and accuracy of item retrieval and limit the physical labor required of staff. To discover more about vertical carousel options, call an automation expert at Raymond West today!

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