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Warehouse doors get a lot of use, and malfunctioning or out of order doors are not a rarity on most loading docks. Oftentimes, doors are struck by lift trucks. The dock is a busy, high traffic area, and doors are regular casualties of lift trucks that must weave through obstacles and pedestrians in a confined area.

Malfunctioning or compromised doors on your loading dock are not simply an inconvenience, they can also be extremely costly to your warehouse operation. When you're not able to make use of a door, it can result in back-ups and lengthy detention times while a bay is out of service. At an active warehouse, every hour a door is out of service results in reduced productivity. Putting dock bays back in service quickly is important.

Poorly sealed doors can also cause substantial energy loss, especially in environmentally managed and cold storage buildings. Each 8x10 dock door is a gigantic escape hatch for conditioned air, and a way in for moisture, wind and extreme temperatures from the outdoors. When a door is damaged or difficult to open or close, it often tends to remain open when the dock gets active.

Unsealed doors can also admit mice and various other pests into your facility, causing product damage and extermination struggles. Moreover, broken doors can present a substantial safety and security danger, providing intruders easy access to your warehouse after hours.

Call a Qualified Warehouse Technician, Not a Garage Door Company

Raymond West Inc has a workforce of over 400 professionals throughout 8 western states that serve the material handling sector exclusively. They are highly trained in warehouse safety and security and have easy access to parts for all types of warehouse doors, from cold storage to high speed roll up doors. They are experts in many categories of warehouse and dock systems, and can work on interlock master controls, dock levelers, inflatable seals/shelters and trailer restraints.

Emergency Overhead Door Service

If you require immediate assistance, we can dispatch specialists promptly, even after normal service hours. With 19 locations, we provide quick turnaround in Tucson and across Arizona. Our trucks carry common parts, so in most cases they can finish a job in a single service call.

Door Maintenance Programs

Since dock doors get a great deal of use, maintaining the rollers, roller tracks, cables, panels and seals in good working order is a requirement for busy operations. We provide regular door maintenance service and can offer scheduled maintenance solutions for your various other dock and warehouse equipment so you never miss a day of production. Maintenance programs can easily pay for themselves by decreasing unplanned service calls and eliminating avoidable downtime.

Warehouse & Dock Door Repair Near Me

If you require immediate assistance in Tucson or want to review a planned maintenance program with a door expert, call Raymond West Inc now.

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