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What are industrial catwalks?

Warehouse and industrial catwalk systems are a safe and sensible way for workers to gain access to overhead areas in a warehouse or factory. They provide an easy means of accessing equipment in addition to acting as walkways for workers, and can be customized to suit the individual needs of your facility.

Industrial catwalks are designed to avoid disrupting operations on the floor, and can be assembled overnight without the need for new construction. Catwalks paired with mezzanines are a highly effective way to maximize the utilization of space in your building and augment your capacity without the considerable pain of new construction.

How Are Catwalks Used?

Commercial operations use catwalks for a wide range of purposes, the most typical being to connect two points on the manufacturing or warehouse floor without inhibiting the broader workflow. As a secondary benefit, this may also enhance an organization’s safety posture, since catwalks are able to channel employees away from hazardous machinery, substances, lift trucks, or other potentially unsafe operations.

Catwalk systems can also provide overhead access to hoppers, tanks, machinery and other large installations. Oftentimes, it can be challenging to service and adjust oversized equipment using ground-based options such as scissor lifts. Catwalk systems can be positioned so that employees can easily access equipment for regular maintenance tasks.

Catwalks are frequently used in combination with mezzanine systems to enable access to elevated storage and work spaces. These types of configurations can take advantage of the vertical area in a building, significantly improving space utilization and efficiency.

Catwalks come in a broad array of styles, so you can choose one that meets your specific demands. If you're having a hard time choosing the right catwalk for your business, contact Raymond West for advice.

What are the benefits of using industrial catwalks?

There are numerous benefits to putting catwalks to use in your building. For one, they can be freely customized to suit the specific needs of your operation. This they are a perfect solution for small businesses with anticipation of growth.

Additionally, catwalk systems enable safe and convenient accessibility to all areas of your building. This is particularly beneficial in facilities where installed fixtures must be serviced frequently or where there is a lot of ground traffic. Ultimately, industrial catwalks make more of your warehouse accessible while also keeping it safe.

How are industrial catwalks installed?

Prefabricated catwalk systems generally ship in segments that can be easily assembled at your location. Supports, walkways, stairs and rails can all be put together fairly easily. Catwalk installation can be done by your own team or outside contractors like Raymond West.

Customized catwalk systems take a bit more effort and time. After an initial site analysis, engineering, fabrication and installation can take a few weeks.

Are industrial and warehouse catwalks safe?

Without question, catwalks are safe. They are outfitted with stairs and safety rails, and their sturdy steel architecture is nearly impervious to minor accidents like moderate lift truck impacts and other safety incidents.

As a matter of fact, catwalk systems can significantly enhance the safety profile within your operation by separating workers from potentially risky activities. For warehouses with heavy lift truck traffic, catwalk systems can route pedestrians away from lift trucks and reduce accidents.

For a handful of industrial jobs like smelting or chemical processing, catwalks can be vital equipment for separating people from potentially hazardous activities.

Catwalk Systems Near Me

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