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Raymond West is a Los Angeles warehouse automation equipment supplier.

We offer repair and service for many types of conveyor systems.

Call us today at (562) 944-8067.

Conveyor outages can be very expensive in terms of forfeited production yield, strained client relations and increased costs for labor. When an outage occurs, you need expert technicians in Los Angeles that can diagnose and restore your equipment at once. In many cases you also need a parts supplier that can rapidly procure non-standard part numbers.

Raymond West is among the biggest material handling service vendors in the Western U.S., with locations throughout California and seven additional states. We have a crew of over 400 equipment specialists available to dispatch and one of the best stocked parts operations in Southern California.

Our typical technician send out interval is right around 2 hours. After hours repair service is available around the clock.

Conveyor Belt Repair

If you’re having problems with your belt conveyors, Raymond equipment team can give you a hand. Whether you just need tensioning or tracking adjustments, need to have a belt laced and spliced or require a total belt replacement, Raymond has a team of highly trained professionals available to dispatch when you call.

Conveyor Installation

In the event you’re installing new conveyors or just restructuring your existing layout, Raymond has a group of highly trained specialists that can handle permitting, engineering and equipment setup. We handle any manufacturer and type of conveyor.

Conveyor Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance for your conveyor system can save you from costly downtime, while lengthening the life expectancy of your equipment and strengthening safety practices inside your facility. Raymond West features a wide array of maintenance plans to keep your equipment in top shape. Call one of our conveyor specialists about a plan that’s right for your facility.

Conveyor Parts

Raymond West maintains one of the best stocked material handling parts divisions on the West Coast, and inventories a wide variety of conveyor components and parts. We are part of a nationwide supply channel with access to hundreds of thousands of part numbers. For many parts we can offer same or next day delivery anywhere in LA County.

Conveyor Belting

Replacing deteriorating or damaged belts can forestall conveyor failures and prevent expensive idle time. We offer a range of multi-ply conveyor belting to replace your worn or faulty belts. For belt upgrades or application changes, we have a vast array of belt surfaces for almost any application.

Conveyor Rollers

Raymond provides replacement conveyor rollers for powered roller conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, and roller-bed belt conveyors. We offer all types of rollers from lightweight aluminum to heavy duty steel for nearly any frame dimension, capacity and diameter specifications.

Conveyor Chain

We supply just about every size and configuration of conveyor chain in DIN, ANSI, and ISO certified series options. In addition, we offer hollow-pin and stainless steel options. If you are in the market for double pitch, straight side plate or engineer class conveyor roller chains, we supply most weigths and sizes.

Conveyor Belt Repair Near Me

To request service, schedule maintenance, or inquire about parts, speak with a Raymond technician at 562-944-8067 today.

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