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Raymond West supplies loading dock seals in Ontario.

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If you’re in the market for dock seals, Raymond West distributes a wide range of options for nearly any requirement.

Dock seals can help you sustain a consistent environment on your loading dock and shield goods from weather as they move in and out of your facility.

Do you really need to seal your docks? There are many benefits to adding them, including:

  • Energy conservation: Dock seals can quickly pay for themselves by slashing your facility's heating and cooling costs.
  • Safety: wet concrete is slick and dangerous. Protecting your dock from inclimate weather makes it a safer workplace.
  • Employee well-being: no one enjoys working in inclimate weather like snow or rain. The comfort, morale, and productivity of your team will be enhanced if you add door seals.
  • Cargo protection: Seals keep rats, mice and other pests away from your warehouse and shield it against precipitation, wind and harsh temperatures.
  • Building security: Seals assist with keeping unauthorized people out of your facility.
  • Temporary storage: docked trailers can act as short term, secure, temperature-controlled additions to your building.

Dock Seals Come in a Variety of Different Designs

Dock seals are usually fabric-covered foam panels that are mounted on the exterior side of your loading dock door frames. When a trailer pushes against it, the foam gets squeezed, creating a firm seal that keeps the weather out. Seals are typically used on smaller door openings, and they can limit air flow on your dock with up to 90% efficiency.

Fixed Head Dock Seal: Foam side and head pads are used in this style of dock seal. For applications with unvarying truck heights and conventional dock parameters, it's one of the most common and practical dock seals.

Head Curtain Dock Seal: This kind of dock seal is used when your warehouse has a wide range of trailer heights and door heights. It has side pads that are filled with foam. A stationary or adjustable fabric head curtain sized for specific trailer types is common for the seal. Optional foam-filled curtains can provide a tighter seal and enhance its energy efficiency.

Adjustable Head Pad: A once common configuration, this type of seal has fallen out of favor due to improvements in technology. This seal, similar in function to a "Head Curtain," is ideal for variable truck heights and door sizes.

L-Shaped Dock Seal: As the name suggests, this seal has “L” shaped side pads. The seal's configuration and extended overhang make it well suited for bigger door openings. The shape and protrusion are intended to seal the trailer's sides rather than the back. This allows for easier entry and exit to the trailer's back end. A “curtain” or “fixed head” header is used on this category of seal.

Inflatable Seal: When a trailer is backed up to the bay door, the inflatable seal balloons with the help of a blower. These seals are generally part of an interlock system with the door and/or dock leveler, and will only inflate once the door and leveler are in the correct positions. Inflatable seals come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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